PICS Partners

To reduce post-harvest storage losses, the PICS Program works with several partners including the private sector, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), farmers and farmers based organizations.

Private Sector Partners – consist of manufacturers and vendors who produce and sell PICS bags to farmers and other users. The major role of the private sector is to commercialize the PICS technology among smallholder farmers to reduce storage losses. Currently there are more than 15 plastic manufacturers producing and supplying PICS bags in 23 countries in Africa and Asia. More than 10 manufacturers and distributors have licensing agreements with Purdue University. At least 1000 vendors are selling PICS bags worldwide.

Service Providers – consist of International and local organizations (NGOs, development agencies, governments, etc.) that create the demand for the PICS bags through trainings and capacity building. These organizations create awareness through village and market demonstrations and media activities including radio, television, sms and cellphone videos, etc.

Donors – consist of Foundations, government agencies, NGOs and individuals. Grants or donations are used to cover the initial costs of creating awareness, training farmers on the proper use of PICS bags, and building the supply chain to make the technology available to farmers in rural areas. Once the product is introduced to farmers and the private sector, local entrepreneurs continue to expand the market and develop the supply chain for sustainability.

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