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We are heavily invested in learning. In addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate classes, we provided the vision for and spearheaded the development and implementation of a new, outcome-based, undergraduate Insect Biology Curriculum. The road map we created challenges students to think about insect biology within the larger context of societal grand challenges. We also conceived and implemented the Insect Biology Undergraduate Capstone program and have administered the program since 2007.

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Courses Taught

ENTM 30100 Experimentation and Analysis

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of experimental design and quantitative data analysis with a focus on insect examples. The first half of the course explores the factors necessary for designing a successful experiment, whereas the second half focuses on data analysis and interpretation using common mathematical models. Examples are drawn primarily from insect biology and agricultural science, but are useful for all undergraduate students planning careers in the life sciences. (Syllabus)

ENTM 69200 Advanced Experimentation and Analysis

This course is designed to provide graduate students with an opportunity to explore fundamental aspects of experimental design and use of the general linear model in data analysis. Students will apply the principles, concepts and procedures discussed in class using a series of real-world data sets.

Undergraduate Student Mentoring

The Soil Insect Ecology Laboratory serves as a springboard for undergraduate research, mentoring more than 13 undergraduate students through there capstone experience. Through these projects, undergraduate students have gained valuable experience in the science of integrated pest management, soil insect ecology, and pollinator safety. Using the capstone program, we guide students in the development of written and oral communication skills essential for communicating scientific concepts.