Code Red

Learn how you can prevent a code red situation for your family, business or farm operation by having a completed Code Red plan.  This new tool developed by the Purdue Women in Agriculture Team is a must-have tool for every family, business, and farm operation.  The tool includes important information such as passwords, bank account information, rental agreements, insurance papers and power of attorney documents, and much more in one easy location.  After completing the Code Red plan, it should become the "go to" tool if something happened to a key member of the management team.  We hope this tool will help farm families then turn a code red situation into a code green and the business can continue to operate on a daily basis.  Code Red also can be a tool that helps families get motivated to get started on estate and/or succession planning. 

Do you want to order your own Code Red flash drive or download the Excel file? 

If so, contact Bryan Overstreet at the Purdue Extension Jasper County Extension Office ((219) 866-5741). Please note that flash drives are $4 each and lanyards are an additional $2 each.
You have the option to download the Code Red Document and its instruction page for free by visiting the Code Red Download below to fill out a short survey to get access to the program.  The download will appear on the second page of the survey. 

Free Code Red Download

Please remember that once you download the program, you should store it in a secure location. 

For more information about Code Red, please contact any member of the Purdue Women in Agriculture Team.

Questions about Code Red?  Need technical support? Please contact Bryan Overstreet with issues.