What is Blue and why is it Green?

Blue food is the term used to describe sea food production. In an Aquaponics system, elements from both hydroponics and Recirculating aquaculture come together. In our system, the plants are not the only thing that’s green. This system is ecofriendly and one of the solutions for long term sustainability. In our aquaponics system, there is zero waste and maximized recycling of nutrients.  

Grant Information

This work is supported by the USDA Nation Institute of Food and Agriculture, under award number 2023-68012-39001

About US, When Blue is Green

Our project, When Blue is Green, is a USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) funded research project. NIFA's mission is for long term agricultural viability and with the Sustainable Agricultural Systems (SAS) grants specifically focusing on the economic and agricultural growth of rural America. This project is focused on the challenges of aquaponics and making it accessible to midwest stakeholders. The overall goal of this project is to increase local and regional production of adequate, nutritious, and affordable sea foods with a minimal environmental footprint to ultimately diversify US agricultural systems and dietary patterns. To achieve this we are going to be:

    • Identifying barriers and opportunities for blue foods and aquaponics
    • Building an Integrated Aquaponics system
    • Developing multi-dimensional sustainability metrics for system assessment and management
    • Supporting the aquaponics and blue food industry
    • Creating blue foods related educational materials