Digital Ag Resources

What is Digital Agriculture?

It is the use of digital devices to gather, process and analyze spatial or temporal data for integrated characterization and modeling. These modern, data-intensive technologies can help guide targeted actions to improve agricultural and forestry efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

About this Digital Agriculture Resource Website

We consider digital agriculture and applied data science for agriculture to encompass a wide range of topic areas as shown above. This site is designed to be a resource for individuals involved in digital agriculture and forestry.

The purposes of this site include:

  • Inform regarding research, education, and outreach activities, within and beyond our University
  • Offer a means to identify expertise
  • Point to opportunities to increase knowledge
  • Provide direct links to useful resources and applications
  • Highlight and announce important events

To learn more about Purdue Agriculture's research, outreach and education efforts in the digital agriculture space, visit our general Digital Agriculture website.


IoT and Advanced Agricultural Technology – Research Updates Video Series

Several faculty in the Purdue College of Agriculture are helping to move the technology front forward. These faculty have received some funding from Wabash Heartland Innovation Network – a project centered around economic prosperity in a 10-county region in Indiana and funded by a generous Lilly Foundation grant . In this video series, you can…

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Automate Data with Spreadsheets ?!?

by Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue ABE These are not “your father’s spreadsheets”. We find that many people are put off by computer programming because the leading language keeps changing and the nuances of syntax, data architecture, and interfaces can be quite cumbersome to the novice. But did you realize when you tell a spreadsheet to do…

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