Helping guide targeted actions to improve agricultural and forestry efficiency, productivity and sustainability

What is Digital Agriculture?

It is the use of digital devices to gather, process and analyze spatial or temporal data for integrated characterization and modeling. These modern, data-intensive technologies can help guide targeted actions to improve agricultural and forestry efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

About this Digital Agriculture Resource Website

We consider digital agriculture and applied data science for agriculture to encompass a wide range of topic areas as shown above. This site is designed to be a resource for individuals involved in digital agriculture and forestry.

The purposes of this site include:

  • Inform regarding research, education, and outreach activities, within and beyond our University
  • Offer a means to identify expertise
  • Point to opportunities to increase knowledge
  • Provide direct links to useful resources and applications
  • Highlight and announce important events

To learn more about Purdue Agriculture's research, outreach and education efforts in the digital agriculture space, visit our general Digital Agriculture website.

Upcoming Events


July 20 - July 21
Iowa Events Center

From seed to retail, advancements in digital and precision technology systems present exciting new opportunities to capitalize on. Seize the power of technology to move the industry forward through collaboration and integration across all segments of agriculture. Share experiences and learn from innovative industry leaders to advance your business and your agronomic program. Engage in meaningful, solutions-based discussions with the thought leaders across agriculture sectors .



August 3 - August 4
Union Station – St. Louis

For 25 years, InfoAg has remained the premier conference on the practical application of precision agriculture. Now under management by The Fertilizer Institute, the conference will expand to include a broader reach of tools, technologies, products and practices that crop advisors can use to advance agriculture. The conference will build on its strong history of educating crop advisors and agricultural retailers with the integration of a broader perspective of solutions to support the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework. In 2019 InfoAg had over 1200 attendees.



Smarter Treatment of Livestock Disease

Mohit Verma, assistant professor of agricultural & biological engineering, and Aaron Ault, senior research engineer, from Purdue University recently presented as part of the Data Driven Agriculture webinar series. Bovine respiratory disease is prevalent and costly, leading to losses of almost $1 billion in the U.S. annually. Verma and Ault share how we can improve…


Practical Applications for UAVs

John Scott, Purdue Extension coordinator for digital agriculture, recently presented as part of the Data Driven Agriculture webinar series. For many producers the most practical application for unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs – is to scout fields and while that is an important use for the technology it only scratches the surface of how these…


Spring Webinar Series: Data Driven Agriculture

A weekly webinar series featuring experts in data science and digital agriculture at Purdue University kicks off on Feb. 4 at 12:30 p.m. ET. Each Thursday this spring, the Data Driven Agriculture webinars will explore ways digital agriculture and data science can impact agriculture today and into the future. “Building on the momentum of last…


Putting a Price on Farm Data

Nathan DeLay, assistant professor of agricultural economics at Purdue, presented a webinar titled Putting a Price on Data. A lot has been said about “big data” in agriculture but less is known about how farmers actually value the data they collect. DeLay covers some of the major issues facing producers and agribusiness when it comes to…


Using Big Data in Produce Safety

Amanda Deering, clinical associate professor in food science at Purdue, and Jennifer Crandall, CEO of Safe Food En Route, LLC, recently presented a webinar titled Data in Produce Safety. The seminar provides information on how big data can be used to improve and track food safety information from the farm to food processors. In addition,…


How Good is Deep-Learning for Weed Identification using UAV-Imagery

Dharmendra Saraswat, associate professor of agricultural and biological engineering, and Varun Aggarwal, graduate student in agricultural and biological engineering at Purdue University recently presented a webinar titled How Good is Deep-Learning for Weed Identification Using UAV-Imagery. Deep-learning methods are showing a great promise for identifying objects of interest based on benchmark test datasets. This presentation…


Digital Forestry: Key Developments in Aerial Remote Sensing

Songlin Fei, professor of forestry and natural resources; Joe Hupy, associate professor of aviation technology; and Jinha Jung, assistant professor of civil engineering, all of Purdue University, present a webinar titled Digital Forestry: Key Developments in Aerial Remote Sensing. In this webinar, Fei, Hupy and Jung will share about key developments and applications of aerial…


Integrated Digital Forestry Initiative

Led by Songlin Fei, professor and the Dean’s Remote Sensing Chair, the Integrated Digital Forestry Initiative (iDiF) at Purdue University is working towards developing platforms and strategies that leverage digital technology to measure, monitor and manage urban and rural forests to maximize social, economic and ecological benefits. The initiative brings together a multidisciplinary research team…


Digital Forestry: Key Developments and Applications in Terrestrial Remote Sensing

Brady Hardiman, assistant professor of forestry and natural resources; Guofan Shao, professor of forestry and natural resources; and Ayman Habib, professor of civil engineering, all of Purdue University, recently presented as part of the Data Driven Agriculture webinar series. In the webinar, Hardiman, Shao and Habib share how to use state-of-the-art terrestrial LiDAR, photogrammetry, and…


Tools for Planting Season

There are many posts on a variety of topics related to digital agriculture on our Digital Ag Resources website! Specifically as we head into the spring planting season, we think these might be particularly useful to you: Search a listing of more than 500 agricultural applications (apps) you can download and use on your phone,…


Agricultural Apps Listing

By: John Scott, Digital Agriculture Extension Coordinator Mobile applications (apps) can be helpful in many different ways for your farm or agribusiness. From reporting markets to identifying pests, you could say there is an app for almost everything. Purdue Extension worked to compile information about more than 500 apps on different operating platforms, like iOS…


Partnering with Industry to Move from Reactive to Proactive: A Dairy Farm Example

Jackie Boerman, assistant professor of animal sciences at Purdue, and Paul Ousterhout of iYOTAH recently presented as part of the Data Driven Agriculture webinar series. Purdue and iYOTAH have been working with a commercial dairy farm to predict and influence how much cows eat based on data automatically collected on farms. Feed is the number…