Data Driven Agriculture Minor

Opportunities abound to expand the data revolution into agriculture by blending data science skills with agricultural knowledge.


Bruce Erickson
Agronomy Education Distance & Outreach Director

Pursuing the Data Driven Agriculture Minor allows you to gain valuable skillsets to leverage the complex data sources that are becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the agriculture industry. The minor includes courses that map to these skill sets:

  • Foundation in mathematics and statistics
  • Knowledge of data origination (sensors, surveys, webscraping, etc.)
  • Data literacy, ethics and management
  • Data application in agriculture disciplines
  • Data architecture and organization
  • Data-driven decisions
Why Digital Agriculture?
  • The increase in intensity and volume of data collected generates the need for increased programming and data skills.
  • Agricultural domain expertise is needed within the coding, artificial intelligence and cloud computing communities.
  • Sensing and communication technologies continue to evolve and their applications in agriculture are growing.
  • Even with artificial intelligence and machine learning, human input will continue to be critical input to assist with decision-making and data-inference.
21 Credits
  • Introductory statistics – Elementary Statistical Methods (STAT 30100)
  • Data literacy, management & analytics – Data Science (ENTM 242)
  • Knowledge of how data is used in agriculture – Data Science for Agriculture (AGR 33300)
  • Computation – Computing Technology with Applications (ASM 10500), Introduction to Computing for Biologists (HORT 53000), or Programming with Multimedia Objects (CS 17700)
  • Data acquisition, architecture & decision making as noted below:


Complementary Credentials

With good planning, students obtaining this Data Driven Agriculture Minor can also receive a Certificate in Applications of Data Science.

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