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Songlin Fei, director of Purdue’s Institute for Digital Forestry and professor in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, standing among the trees in Martell Forest.

The Society of American Foresters honors Purdue professor with Award in Forest Science

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) annually recognizes individuals for their outstanding achievements and significant contributions to...

a robotic arm reaches out to touch a corn plant leaf. you can see the Sheeraz Athar, Jian Jin, and Yu She in the where the arm bends

How robots touch on the future of agriculture

Walking into Purdue’s Mechanisms And Robotic Systems (MARS) Lab feels like falling into a child’s imagination of what a lab could be....

Jingjing Liang stands tall in front of a wall of monitors showing pictures of different forests.

Scientists from dozens of countries coming to Purdue for forestry collaboration in Science-i Bridging Worlds Workshop

In the spirit of building a community to manage and protect the world’s forests, Liang and his colleagues in Science-i created the Global Big...

Different varieties of rice growing in a field

Machine-learning model demonstrates effect of public breeding on rice yields in climate change

Climate change, extreme weather events, unprecedented records in temperatures and higher, acidic oceans make it difficult to predict the long-term...

Farm Foundation

Feb. 2024 Forum, Seeds of Change: Exploring AI Solutions for Agriculture Today and Tomorrow

The February 2024 Farm Foundation® Forum, Seeds of Change: Exploring AI Solutions for Agriculture Today and Tomorrow, explores the...

Adam Shanks - calculating data

Private databases for your farm

Private databases have many applications in agriculture and beyond, such as home life and organizations.

AI Team

AI & Climate: A First Of Its Kind Conversation On The Hill

AI2 partnered with the Bezos Earth Fund on a landmark event focused on AI & Climate with Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) as our honorary...

uav data on a monitor

Data-Driven Seminar Series

Purdue College of Agriculture presents a seminar series featuring experts in data science, digital agriculture and digital forestry.

person using computer with dual monitors

Simple Personal Databases – Make Your Records Digital Simply

Keeping records of events, transactions, and important activities can be simplified using digital formats such as Airtable. This post is a recorded...

rows of crops in high tunnel

Digital Horticultural Crop Activity Records

Field records (who, what, where, how) are those elements of records and data that are often missing when we try to analyze data. They have value...

uav data on a monitor

Spring 2023 Data-Driven Seminar Series

Purdue College of Agriculture presents a seminar series featuring experts in data science, digital agriculture and digital forestry during the...

uav in air

Fall 2022 Data-Driven Seminar Series

Purdue College of Agriculture presents a seminar series featuring experts in data science, digital agriculture and digital forestry during the Fall...

soybean field with bins

Digital Marketing and Grain Delivery Records

Digital Marketing and Grain Delivery Records

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle sitting in  cornfield

Extension UAV Initiative Update

The Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, aka drones) Initiative started in 2017 with Specialists...

Research team in field

Long-range networks facilitate convenient producer data collection

Farming has forever and will always require efficiency and vigilance. Producers have long looked for ways to keep one eye on their fields at all...

soybean field with bins

Digital Field Records: An Easy Way

Field records (who, what, where, how) are those elements of records and data that are often missing when we try to analyze data. They have value...


Digital Records for FSMA: Free Toolkit

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) necessitates improved records of monitoring, cleaning, trainings and inspections around your operations....

soybean field with bins

A Spreadsheet Toolbox

Spreadsheets come an many sizes and shapes and are a computational tool used for an unbelievable number of quantitative decisions. We have compiled...

combine unloading soybeans into semi

On-Farm Demonstrations in WHIN Region 2021 Report

The Purdue Extension/WHIN On-Farm Demonstrations 2021 Report provides summaries of projects conducted during the 2021 growing season throughout the...

man in field with ipad

Spring 2022 Digital Ag Seminar Series

Spring 2022's Data-Driven Agriculture seminar series highlighted the diversity of uses of data and automation in food and agricultural systems.

Grocery Store Aisle

Understanding Risks & Vulnerabilities via Food Systems Dashboards

The Understanding Risks & Vulnerabilities via Food Systems Dashboards webinar presented by Jayson Lusk, Purdue University, focused on the...

aerial image of field

Fertilizer Recommendations Tool

The Tri-State Fertilizer recommendations are a collaborative effort among agronomists and like-minded experts from Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan....


Global City Teams Challenge

NIST and its partners, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NIST), NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, Joint...

uav in air

2021 CropLife Purdue Precision Ag Dealership Survey

The CropLife Purdue survey is the most complete, longest running survey of precision agriculture adoption, focusing on agricultural retail products...

data driven agriculture webinar series banner

Data Driven Agriculture Webinar Series

During the Spring 2021 semester, Purdue Agriculture hosted a weekly webinar series featuring experts in data science and digital agriculture at...

soybean field with bins

IoT Networks: Sensors and Data Visualization

Purdue researchers gave an overview of the sensors and the IoT networks being used in ag and manufacturing deployments in the 10 counties around...

soybean field with bins

Public Data for the Public Good

Public availability of data has helped U.S. agriculturalists engage in the worldwide marketplace in ways that would not have been possible...

combine and grain card in corn field

Machines and Robotics

Purdue University researchers discuss the new NSF Engineering Research Center on the Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture (IoT4Ag) and work...


Smarter Treatment of Livestock Disease

Bovine respiratory disease is prevalent and costly, leading to losses of almost $1 billion in the U.S. annually. Purdue researchers share how we...

uav in air

Practical Applications for UAVs

For many producers the most practical application for unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs – is to scout fields and while that is an...

vegetables at farmers market

Using Big Data in Produce Safety

The seminar provides information on how big data can be used to improve and track food safety information from the farm to food processors. In...

soybean field with bins

Putting a Price on Farm Data

A lot has been said about “big data” in agriculture but less is known about how farmers actually value the data they collect. We cover...

aerial lidar image of forest

Digital Forestry: Aerial Remote Sensing

Purdue University researchers share about key developments and applications of aerial remote sensing in digital forestry such as the application of...

uav over corn field

Deep-Learning for Weed Identification using UAV-Imagery

Deep-learning methods are showing a great promise for identifying objects of interest based on benchmark test datasets. This presentation discusses...

lidar image of forest

Digital Forestry: Terrestrial Remote Sensing

Purdue University researchers share how to use state-of-the-art terrestrial LiDAR, photogrammetry, and integrated systems to conduct...

soybean field with bins

Digital Tools for Planting Season

There are many posts on a variety of topics related to digital agriculture on our Digital Agriculture website! Specifically as we head into the...

apps listing example

Agricultural Apps Listing

Mobile applications (apps) can be helpful in many different ways for your farm or agribusiness. From reporting markets to identifying pests, you...

dairy cows eating

Partnering with Industry to Move from Reactive to Proactive

Purdue and iYOTAH have been working with a commercial dairy farm to predict and influence how much cows eat based on data automatically collected...

counting animal from UAV image

UAVs in Livestock Production

John Scott, Purdue Extension coordinator for digital agriculture, discusses the benefits and challenges around using UAVs in livestock production,...

UAV look at soybeans

The Cover-Up: UAV Assessment of Soybean

Shaun Casteel and Richard Smith, Purdue University, presented on the ability of sUAS to assess soybean stands as it relates to optimal plant...

precision soil map

Precision Soil Maps: Moving Beyond Soil Survey

The Precision Soil Maps: Moving Beyond Soil Survey webinar focuses on work being done at Purdue to move beyond the traditional soil surveys and the...

tractor and grain cart

Meet LoRa, Your New Best Friend

IoT is changing the requirements on wireless networks and LoRa (long range) can meet those needs – even on your farm. Learn how LoRa and...

excel spreadsheet pivot table

Extend the Power of Your Spreadsheets

Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue University, walks through different Excel features that can help you extend the power of your spreadsheets. Some of these...

Purdue College of Agriculture.

GROW Your Field Knowledge with New App

Andrew Balmos, Purdue University, introduces a new web-based tool created by the team at the OATS Center that uses open source data to track...

Soybean Field with Grain Bins

WHIN-Purdue Agriculture: December 2020 Updates

The Purdue Ag Team prepared a series of video updates regarding testbeds (research), education, and extension (outreach) for a meeting with WHIN...

soybean field with bins

Excel Workshop: Hone Your Skills

Even if you have been an Excel user for years, there are likely features or approaches that could make you excel at Excel even more. This workshop...

soybean field with bins

Purdue Crop Planning Tool

The by-field (or management zone) enterprise (crop) planner can facilitate a fuller budget analysis and includes inputs of land, seed, fertilizers,...

excel spreadsheet pivot table

Dig into Data within Your Spreadsheets

Dennis Buckmaster, Purdue University, takes a deeper dive into how to manipulate data within a spreadsheet, including using pivot tables, filters...

phosphorus tool screenshot

Creating Savvy Spreadsheets

Dennis Buckmaster, professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering at Purdue University, demonstrates how to use logical spreadsheeting to...

api schematic

Hammer is to Nail as API is to Software

Andrew Balmos, Purdue University, and Zach Mason, Wabash Heartland Innovation Network, explain how APIs are around every corner of the Digital Ag...

aerial image of field

Phosphorus Cost Comparison Tool

This user-friendly Excel spreadsheet allows easy calculation of the comparative cost of P2O5.

tractor and grain cart

Making Sense of Your Sensors

Andrew Balmos, data/software engineer, and John Scott, digital agriculture extension coordinator, discuss the importance of proper sensor...

hand holding sensors

Sensors: The Possibilities are Endless

Gaganpreet Singh Hundal, a PhD candidate in computer and information technology and graduate research assistant in digital agriculture at Purdue...

truck dumping grain

Easy Spreadsheet-style Transfer Records and Inventory Tracking

It is common to move materials such as grains from one place to another (on the farm or leaving the farm). While there may be official...

tractor and grain cart

Choose the Path of Least Resistance for Your Data

Purdue researchers review options around rural wireless communications in a three-part tutorial. Get a better understanding of radio frequency (RF)...

smartphone with app

Put Your Smartphone to Work

Learn how to use apps like Trello, Google Sheets, Google Maps and more to help manage your farm and agribusiness data. Dennis Buckmaster, professor...

uav image on computer screen

Broadband Modeling Presentation

In this YouTube video, Yaguang Zhang, a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, addresses ”Large-scale...

corn plants

Heat Units: A Python Tutorial

In this YouTube video, Andrew Balmos, software/data engineer in Purdue Agriculture, gives a Python tutorial with an application heat units to lend...

soybean field with bins

Primer on Rural Wireless Communications

In this YouTube video, Yang Wang, a Ph.D. candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, gives a “Primer on rural...

uav over corn field

Lessons Learned from Technology Adoption: Moving into the Digital Age of Farming

In this YouTube video, Dr. Bruce Erickson, e-Learning director for Purdue Agronomy, covers “Lessons learned from technology adoption –...

Convergence Center building

Ag-Analytics opens branch in Convergence Center, encouraging collaboration

"Digital agriculture and data science are important tools for our farmers in Indiana,” said Karen Plaut, the Glenn W. Sample Dean of the...

whin data portal graphic

The WHIN Data Portal

The WHIN Data Portal is live and licenses are available (FREE for education). The WHIN Living Laboratory spreads across a 10-county region, making...

soybean field with bins

Using Trello on Your Farm

Trello is a free web-based cross-platform tool that allows users to collaborate and can be useful on your farming operation.

cows in the field

Digital agriculture: Why the future is now

What is digital agriculture? How is digital agriculture going to change the landscape of farming over the next decade?

Drone in Air Over Corn Field

IoT and Advanced Agricultural Technology - Research Updates Video Series

Several faculty in the Purdue College of Agriculture are helping to move the technology front forward. These faculty have received some funding...

Soybean Field with Grain Bins

Automate Data with Spreadsheets

These are not “your father’s spreadsheets”. We find that many people are put off by computer programming because the leading...

Drone in Air over Corn Field

IoT for Everyone - Videos and Tutorial

Purdue researchers explain a variety of IoT devices in a series of videos that introduces the concept of IoT.

soybean field with bins

Census of Agriculture: New Online Data Resource Available

The Purdue Center for Regional Development has released a new resource as part of its Rural Indiana Stats (RIS) website that can prove valuable to...

soybean field with bins

AgGateWay Posts Educational Videos

AgGateway, a global, non-profit organization whose members develop standards and other resources so that companies can rapidly access information,...

uav in air

Repository with Ag Data

PURR is the Purdue University Research Repository. PURR publishes and archives digital datasets from researchers across campus and welcomes all...

forest lidar

LiDAR-based tree inventory – not Sci-Fi anymore

Drs. Gang Shao, Guofan Shao, & Songlin Fei of Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources recently published the article - Delineation of...

gantry system at {Purdue Agronomy Farm

Infrastructure, Faculty and Support Allow Purdue to Lead in Digital Ag Space

Many see digital agriculture and data science as the future of the industry. At Purdue University, the future is unfolding now, in different...

Table at Farmers Market

Pricing for Local Markets

The growth of local food movements offers farmers economic opportunities to access attractive markets for fresh locally-grown crops, such as...

digital ag

CONTxT Application

Purdue Agriculture researchers created the CONTxT application to help producers collect metadata from their fields.

soybean field with bins

Agriculture/Rural Supercluster Blueprint

The goals of the Agriculture/Rural SuperCluster are to develop projects, best practices and a blueprint to assist rural communities and...

uav in air

Setting the Record Straight on Precision Agriculture Adoption

There is a perception that adoption of precision agriculture (PA) has been slow. This study reviews the public data on farm level use of PA in crop...

uav in air

Farmer Perceptions of Precision Agriculture Technology Benefits

The objective of this research was to evaluate producers’ perspectives of four key precision agriculture technologies (variable rate...

Grocery Store Aisle

Crowdsourcing Data

Have you thought that the postings on social media can help improve food quality and safety? Scientists can use Artificial Intelligence to analyze...

soybean field with bins

Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture Crop Basis Tool

The Purdue Center for Commercial Agriculture Crop Basis Tool is an open-access web-based tool that provides grain industry participants with access...


Purdue digital agriculture website offers insights and resources

Driven by Purdue’s many digital agriculture innovations and contributions and serving a wide range of audiences, the website is a hub of...