Entomology Minor

The sequence shown below is a guide only. Courses need not be taken in the sequence or semester shown and some substitutions are possible.

To obtain a minor, students must take at least 17 credit hours of entomology courses. Within those 17 credit hours, specifically, students must have the indicated number of credits in the following areas:

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Required core courses:
ENTM 20600 General Applied Entomology 2
ENTM 20700 General Applied Entomology Lab 1
Insect Identification (4 credits needed)
ENTM 33500 Introduction to Insect Identification 4
ENTM 50600 Taxonomy of Adult Insects 4
Insect Biology (3 credits needed)
ENTM 21000 Insect Behavior 3
ENTM 31100 Insect Ecology 3
ENTM 32000 Biodiversity 2
ENTM 46000 Aquatic Entomology 3
ENTM 55100 Insect Physiology and Biochemistry 3
Insect Management (3 credits needed)
ENTM 44300 Arthropods and Diseases of Turfgrass 3
ENTM 51000 Insect Pest Management 3
ENTM 52100 Urban and Industrial Pests 3
ENTM 52500 Medical and Veterinary Entomology 3
ENTM 55500 Theory and Practice of Biological Control 3
In addition to the above courses, credits from the following courses can be applied to the 17 total credits required for a minor:
Insect Friend and Foe (ENTM 10500)
Spider Biology (ENTM 11000)
Beekeeping (ENTM 35100)
Insects in Elementary Education (ENTM 21700)
Insects in Agricultural Education (ENTM 31700)

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