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Title/Program/Area of Expertise Office Phone Email
Archer, Angie IL-IN Sea Grant - multimedia specialist, fellowship and research program administrator FORS 210 765-496-3722 amcbride@purdue.edu
Beugly, Jay IL-IN Sea Grant Great Lakes - aquatic ecosystem research, outreach. FORS 302 765-496-3722 jbeugly@purdue.edu
Carlson, Don Purdue Forester - forest management, outreach, wood prodOkaucts Knox, IN 574-772-0995
Cell: 812-798-2764
Cassens, Daniel

Professor - wood products manufacturing, hardwood lumber grading, log scaling FPRD 101B 765-494-3644 dcassens@purdue.edu
Chapman, Rob Extension Wildlife Specialist - wildlife ecology and habitat management, prescribed burning, K-12 engagement in natural resources. Southeast Purdue
Ag Center (SEPAC), Butlerville, IN
812-662-4999 rnchapma@purdue.edu
Eckelman, Carl Professor - wood technology, furniture design and manufacture, wood products manufacturing FPRD 103A 765-494-3640 eckelmac@purdue.edu
Evans, Diana Extension Info. Coordinator - global resource requests, state-wide NR community, web designer, Got Nature? blog site FORS 107 765-494-3583 evans44@purdue.edu
Farlee, Lenny Hardwood Ecosystem Extension Specialist - forest regeneration, hardwood management, genetics
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PFEN G021D 765-494-2153 lfarlee@purdue.edu
Foley, Carolyn Assistant Research Coordinator, IL-IN Sea Grant - aquatic ecosystem research, outreach coordinator. FORS 210 765-496-3601 cfoley@purdue.edu
Gazo, Rado Professor - secondary wood products manufacturing processes.  FPRD 103 765-494-3634

Haviarova, Eva Assoc. Professor - strength design & product engineering of furniture, new direction for emerging furniture design challenges, low cost furniture for underprivileged FPRD 111A 765-494-3619 ehaviar@purdue.edu
Jackson, Liz Mgr. of Walnut Council & IFWOA Engagement Spec. - walnut, sustaining hardwood ecosystems, forest regeneration, landowners, outreach. WRIT 121 765-583-3501 jackson@purdue.edu
Jacobs, Douglass Fred M. van Eck Professor of Forest Biology & Associate Head Research - forest tree regeneration, silvicultural management, nursery management, forest tree improvement PFEN 221C 765-494-3608

MacGowan, Brian,
Extension Coordinator
Extension Wildlife Specialist - wildlife habitat management, wildlife conservation, wildlife damage
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Brookville, IN 765-647-3538
Prokopy, Linda Professor - social dimensions of watershed management, climate change and agriculture  FORS 201A 765-496-2221  lprokopy@purdue.edu
Purcell, Lindsey Urban forestry specialist - tree installation and maintenance, plant health care, urban forestry ecology, arboricultural practices
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FORS 110
Quagrainie, Kwamena Aquaculture Marketing Specialist, IL-IN Sea Grant - aquaculture economics, seafood marketing and trade, aquaculture farm management
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FORS 209 765-494-4761 kqugrai@purdue.edu
Rathfon, Ron Extension Forester - forest management, timber marketing, tree planting, oak regeneration and ecology, invasive vegetation management Southern Indiana
Purdue Ag Center (SIPAC)Dubois, IN
812-678-5049 ronr@purdue.edu
Rode, Bob Manager, Aquaculture Research Facility - aquaculture, aquaponics, aquaculture farm management
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Aquaculture Center,
West Lafayette, IN
765-583-0351 rrode@purdue.edu
Salazar, Kara Sustainable Communities Extension Specialist - natural resource planning, land use, community development, recycling, green infrastructure, water conservation.
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FORS 308 765-496-1070 salazark@purdue.edu
Saunders, Michael Assoc. Professor - disturbance-based silviculture, growth and yield modeling, disturbance ecology, management effects on wood quality PFEN 221C 765.-430-1440 msaunder@purdue.edu
Swihart, Robert Department Head and Professor -wildlife ecology PFEN 125B 765-494-3590 rswihart@purdue.edu
Williams, Rod Assoc. Professor - herpetology, ecology, conservation, youth education FORS 101 765-494-3568 rodw@purdue.edu