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 Faculty Directory

Name Title Phone E-mail
Atallah, Shady ('Shadi') Adjunct Assistant Professor
Bickham, John W Adjunct Professor
Brown, Paul B Professor of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 765.494.4968
Cassens, Daniel L Professor of Wood Products 765.494.3644
Caudell, Joe N Adjunct Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology 765.404.0382
Christie, Mark Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences & Forestry and Natural Resources 765.494.2070
Collingsworth, Paris D Research Assistant Professor
DeWoody, J. Andrew Professor of Genetics 765.496.6109
Dukes, Jeffrey S Professor of Forestry & Natural Resources & Biological Sciences
Director of Purdue Climate Change Research Center
Dunning, Jr., John B FNR Associate Head of Academic Programs &
Professor of Wildlife Ecology
Eckelman, Carl Albert Professor of Wood Products 765.494.3640
Fei, Songlin Associate Professor of Measurements & Quantitative Anaylsis 765.496.2199
Flaherty, Elizabeth Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Habitat Management 765.494.3567
Gazo, Rado Professor of Wood Processing and Industrial Engineering 795.494.3634
Ginzel, Matthew D Associate Professor 765.494.9369
Goforth, Reuben R Associate Professor of Aquatic Ecosystems 269.967.7620
Hardiman, Brady S Assistant Professor of Urban Ecology FNR 765.494.3593
Haviarova, Eva Associate Professor of Wood Products 765.494.3619
Höök, Tomas O Associate Professor of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences/IISG-Associate Director for Research 765.496.6799
Hoverman, Jason Assistant Professor in Vertebrate Ecology 765.496.3263
Ivy, Jamie A Adjunct Assistant Professor/San Diego Zoo Global-Population Biologist 760.747.8702
Jacobs, Douglass F Associate Head Research
Fred M van Eck Professor of Forest Biology
Jenkins, Michael A Associate Professor of Forest Ecology 765.494.3602
Kong, Ningning N Courtesy Appointment-FNR/Assistant Professor of Libraries 765.496.9474
Lawson, Shaneka S USDA Forest Service-Research Plant Physiologist & FNR-Adjunct Assistant Professor 765.808.8188
Lowe, Zachary E Adjunct Assistant Professor 765.427.2266
Ma, Zhao Assc Prof Forestry & Natural Resources
Assistant Professor of Sustainable Natural Resources Social Sciences
Meilan, Richard Professor of Genetics 765.496.2287
Miller, Brian K Adjunct Associate Professor 217.333.6444
Nichols, Krista M Adjunct Associate Professor of FNR 765.496.6848
Pijanowski, Bryan C Professor of Human-Environment Modeling & Analysis Laboratory 765.496.2215
Pijut, Paula M Adjunct Associate Professor 765.496.2162
Pike, Carolyn "Carrie" C Adjunct Assistant Professor/U.S. Forest Service
Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry
Prokopy, Linda S Professor of Natural Resources Social Science 765.496.2221
Quagrainie, Kwamena K Clin Engage Assc Prof Ag Econ/Fors & NR
Aquaculture Marketing Dir./Assoc. Professor
Rowe, Helen I. Adjunct Assistant Professor 480.965.0044
Saunders, Michael R Associate Professor of Ecology and Natural Resources 765.430.1440
Sepúlveda, Maria (Marisol) S Professor of Ecology and Natural Systems 765.496.3428
Shao, Guofan Professor of Forestry 765.494.3630
Smyser, Timothy J Adjunct Assistant Professor/National Wildlife Research Center-Biologist
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Steele, Michael A Adjunct Associate Professor
Swihart, Robert K Head/Professor of Forestry & Natural Resources 765.494.3590
Wiedenhoeft, Alex C Adjunct Assistant Professor 608.231.9384
Williams, Rod N Associate Head for Extension
Associate Professor of Wildlife Science
Woeste, Keith E Adjunct Assist. Professor of Forestry 765.496.6808
Zhang, Hao Professor of Statistics and Natural Resources 765.496.9548
Zollner, Patrick A Associate Professor of Wildlife Science 765.496.9495
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