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HEA 1309 Information

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 Information about Indiana House Enrollment Act of 1309


Home Based Vendors

        1. Using a Home Kitchen to Prepare Food for Sale - A 4-page Purdue Extension Publication co-developed by Purdue University and the Indiana State Department of Health. The goal of the publication is to simplify the content of HEA 1309 and to provide contact information for additional questions. The main audiences are Purdue Extension, Home Based Vendors, and those that are involved in farmer’s markets.
        2. ISDH Guidance document on HEA 1309 – The Indiana State Department of Health has created a guidance document to define important terms and to describe the new act from a science perspective and regulatory perspective. HEA 1309 is attached to this guidance document.
        3. HEA 1309 - This link provides information on the finalized version of HEA 1309.
        4. Indiana Guide for Preparation of Fruits and Vegetables -  link to the Indiana Guide for Preparation of Fruits and Vegetables Except from Processing Requirements - produced by the Indiana State Department of Health, Purdue University, and others  (2004).