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The Department of Food Science at Purdue University is committed to impacting the world food system and quality of life by educating and training undergraduate and graduate students for careers in industry, government, and academia. Our mission is to expand and transfer knowledge for continuous improvement of the safety, quality, value, and security of the world’s food supply through basic research and outreach programs. Our faculty, staff, and students are located on Purdue University’s main campus in the Philip E. Nelson Hall of Food Science, 745 Agriculture Mall Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana 47907. This building provides excellent research laboratories, as well as specialized facilities such as the sensory evaluation laboratory, pilot scale-manufacturing plant, student product development and innovation laboratory, and enology library for us to engage with the food and beverage industry and government partners.



Laser tool speedus up detection of Salmonella in food products

​Natalie van Hoose
Agricultural Communications
February 13, 2014
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​Purdue University researchers have developed a laser sensor that can identify Salmonella bacteria grown from food samples about three times faster than conventional detection methods.

IMAGE:  A BARDOT-generated portrait of the microbial community in a sample taken from raw chicken. A laser beam shines through each selected bacterai coloy on the plate (center), producing a distinct black and white scatter pattern used to identify the type of bacteria. BARDOT can differentiate Salmonella (left) from non-Salmonella (right) bacteria. (Image courtesy of Arun Bhunia and Atul Singh)



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Purdue's Keener to teach food science at Moscow university

​Keith Robinson
Agricultural Communications
January 2, 2014
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Purdue professor Kevin Keener has received a Distinguished Fulbright Fellowship to teach food science and food engineering at Moscow State AgroEngineering University in Russia during the 2014 spring semester.


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Start-up Company finishes strong in global competition

​Purdue Ag Administration

Phytoption LLC, a start-up company based at Purdue Research Park with which Yuan Yao, Food Science, is associated, was awarded runner-up among more than 220 entries in the Global Food and Health Innovation Challenge in November at the Global South Summit in Nashville, Tenn., for its All Natural Food Color initiative. 


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Purdue innovation kills waterborne microorganisms, produces safer drinking water

Steve Martin
Purdue Research Foundation
October 23, 2013
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Ernest "Chip" R. Blatchley III, professor of civil engineering and environmental and ecological engineering  and Bruce Applegate, associate professor of food science and biological sciences (pictured left) at Purdue University, have developed prototypes of a water disinfection system to take advantage of UV radiation from the sun, which is plentiful in many areas where clean water is lacking.

"Millions of people in developing countries do not have readily available water, or they become sick because of the water they drink," he said. "People in these countries may not have the infrastructure or financial resources to clean the water, deliver it and keep it clean until it's used. Common problems include microbial pathogens, which are largely associated with human and animal waste."

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