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 Pre-Med Studies


Medical schools recognize the importance of a broad education - but they don't require a particular undergraduate premedical major.   They do require a strong foundation in natural sciences (biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics) and a solid background in social sciences and humanities.  Because medical schools want a mix of students with diverse backgrounds, you should choose the undergraduate major that fits your interests and abilities. However, within that major, you must earn strong grades, take demanding courses, and pursue a well-rounded curriculum.

Food science is an excellent choice for pre-med students. This major requires such courses as chemistry, biology, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and physics. It also delves deeper into science through courses in food microbiology, food processing, and food analysis. Food science gives pre-med students a very strong science background that prepares them well for medical school. Food science is also a very viable major for those students who are unsure about their future. Besides medical school, there are excellent job opportunities in quality control, research and development, law, sales, and government work. With 100 percent placement and great beginning salaries, food science is a smart choice for prospective medical students who want to keep their options open.

You can view a sample pre-med plan of study, or for more information, contact Donna Kenner.