Signature Areas

Food Chemistry, Structure, and Function

Applies chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular and polymer sciences to the investigation of food composition, food structures, and the quality and functional properties of whole foods, food constituents, and food ingredients.

Dr. Bruce Hamaker
Dr. Srinivas Janaswamy
Dr. Owen Jones
Dr. Andrea Liceaga
Dr. Lisa Mauer - Lab Website
Dr. S. Suzanne Nielsen
Dr. Brad Reuhs
Dr. Yuan Yao

Foods for Health

Applies food science principles to the study of the food matrix as a critical delivery vehicle of consumer health benefits.

Dr. Mario Ferruzzi
Dr. Bruce Hamaker
Dr. Kee-Hong Kim

Food Safety and Microbiology

Studies the reaction and inactivation of microorganisms in food and their environment. Develops novel detection methods for food and environmental pathogens.

Dr. Bruce Applegate
Dr. Arun Bhunia - Lab Website
Dr. Amanda Deering
Dr. Haley Oliver
Dr. Manpreet Singh

Food Processing and Technology Development

Integrates engineering, chemistry, and microbiology through food and beverage processing unit operations to produce safe, high quality and value-added products.

Dr. Christian Butzke - Lab Website
Dr. Carlos Corvalan
Dr. Brian Farkas
Dr. Kevin Keener
Dr. Jozef Kokini
Dr. Lisa Mauer - Lab Website
Dr. Fernanda San Martin
Dr. Qin Xu

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Research and Outreach Centers

Center for Food Safety Engineering

The mission is to develop new knowledge, technologies, and systems for detection and prevention of chemical and microbial contamination of food.

Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center

By providing information, resources, and training to small and medium sized food processors, the Center develops and promotes innovative strategies to achieve environmental compliance and stewardship, and reduce costs.

International Food Technology Center

The center's mission is to link farmers in developing economies to markets, and to advance food security by enhancing markets for new and traditionally processed (i.e. value-added) foods and reduce food losses.

Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research

In partnership with member companies, the center's researh focuses on fundamental investigations of structure-function relationships of carbohydrates and other biopolymers as related to practical uses.