Fiber Hemp

Image of a hemp field plantation A hemp field plantation.

Hemp grown for fiber is going to differ from hemp grown for the seeds or cannabinoids/essential oils in management and appearance.

Purdue Hemp Website Changes

  • Fiber: Fiber crops are planted at a rate of approximately 40-80 lbs. per acre. This could be higher if germination is low or seeds are large. High-density plantings promote vertical growth, producing long, higher quality primary bast fibers, as opposed to core hurd fibers. Large quantities of hemp seeds must be planted to establish optimal crop density and to suppress weeds. However, it is important to recognize that difficulties may also result from plant competition. The final stand density should be approximately 30-35 plants per square foot for fiber.
  • Harvest typically occurs when 10-20% of plants are flowering (will observe pollen release), typically 60- 70 DAP. See the processing tab for more harvest details.
  • Fiber processing companies should provide guides on production, harvest timing, and harvest method.