Grain Hemp

Hemp can be grown for the seeds and production is going to differ from hemp grown for fiber or CBD in both field appearance and management.


As per other seed crops, plants are direct-seeded at a rate of approximately 25-40 lb/acre. There are approximately 27,000 seeds per pound (can be highly variable across cultivars). Row spacing is going to be determined by the equipment a grower already possesses. Row spacing of 7″, 15″, and 30″ are all possible options, however, tighter row spacing will equate to faster canopy closure. 30″ spacing may provide the opportunity to mechanically cultivate weeds early in the season. For grain production, the desired final plant population is around 10-15 plants/sq. ft.

Hemp grown for grain or seed is going to be mature between August and October. Harvest typically occurs when there is 70% seed maturity, which means you would harvest when the seed heads are still relatively green. See the processing tab for more harvest details.