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This video archive includes both longer webinars and shorter informational videos about multiple hemp topics. Videos are separated into different topic areas with descriptions. 


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Video Archive

Seeds, Seedlings, and Clones- This video discusses information about hemp plants before they get to the field and how to start the growing season on the right foot. 

Novel CBD Production- This video covers growing hemp as a triple crop for grain, fiber, and cannabinoids. Breeding and genetics, agronomy, and Midwest state updates are also provided. 

From Soil to Oil- This video covers the processing for CBD, what growers need to consider when looking for processing, and processing methods

How to Spot a False Certificate of Analysis- This video covers how to get your hemp tested by a third-party lab, how to read a certificate of analysis from testing, and how to spot false or modified certificates. 

How to Get Digital Fingerprints- This video goes over the steps to get a digital fingerprint for the required federal background check to obtain a hemp license. 

Testing LaboratoriesThis video discusses considerations when choosing an independent lab to test your hemp samples.

Speed Breeding a Propagation- This video discusses breeding techniques that can increase the development of traits that are desirable in the hemp industry at a faster pace than traditional breeding. 

Hemp Genomics and THC Testing- This video focuses on the hhemp genome and how understanding genetics can provide an unprecedented ability to predict plant traits.


Integrated Weed Management-This video discusses weed management issues in hemp and tools to help reduce weed pressure in the field. 

Hemp Disease Identification and Management-This video discusses how to identify diseases in hemp and tools to help manage common diseases in Indiana. 

Insect Pests in Hemp-This video covers common insect pests found in hemp. 

Pesticide Use in Hemp-This video goes over pesticide regulations in hemp, including information on registered products in Indiana. 

Integrated Pest Management Survey-This video provides details on common pests found in Indiana and integrated pest management techniques that hemp growers are using to combat pest issues. 

Corn Earworm Monitoring and Management-This video details how to monitor and manage corn earworm in outdoor-grown hemp. 

Hemp Economics and Myths- This video includes information about hemp markets and testing myths.

Resources for the Hemp Supply Chain- This video cover statewide and local resources for those in the hemp industry. 

Big Picture Economics of Hemp- This video gives an overview of the larger picture of hemp economics and the issues that the industry faces.