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The continuing integration of global economies and societies affects nearly every part of our lives in education, communities, business and government. For Purdue Extension, this means responding proactively to the global forces that are shaping Indiana so that we can maintain our effectiveness in serving our local clientele and addressing local needs. For Extension to meet the demands of an interconnected world where global communities are converging, our educators and specialists will need to understand the intricacies of that interconnectedness and possess the skills necessary to succeed within it.

Several not-for-profit entities provide opportunities and experiences to strengthen the competence and confidence of extension field staff to work with international aspects of extension. Visit the following Web sites to learn more about each organization's volunteer opportunities:

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International Extension Quarterly Newsletters

Additional Resources and Websites

Purdue Staff/Faculty who can administer the test/assess the results:

College of Agriculture, Office of Multi-Cultural Programs: Dr. Pamala Morris: pmorris@purdue.edu
Purdue Extension, Marion County: Carmen Derusha: cderusha@purdue.edu
Purdue Extension, Porter County: Kristina Parker: parkerkj@purdue.edu