Our initial focus on the many facets of plant sciences strengthened research and teaching in the College of Agriculture as well as outreach to producers and stakeholders in Indiana and around the world.

Now as part of Purdue’s Next Moves, Purdue Agriculture is building on this past success in new but related areas, chosen strategically to extend our reach and impact.

The effort leverages and expands Purdue Agriculture’s expertise in phenotyping, digital agriculture and agricultural economics. We will add value to plants and forest products by optimizing productivity, nutrition and sustainability traits, and linking these to consumer preferences.

We will continue to cross disciplinary lines and welcome new and innovative partners as we lead into the future.

Purdue Agriculture — through our graduates, researchers, entrepreneurs and partners — is transforming agriculture, forests and food. Working together, we’ll feed the world, protect the environment, and strengthen our natural and agricultural ecosystems.

Purdue’s Next Moves

In April 2021 Purdue launched five new distinct strategic initiatives designed to advance the University’s competitive advantage in its continuing quest for leadership among the world’s top research and teaching institutions.

Purdue possesses the unique expertise and innovative technologies to develop plants with enhanced nutritional and sustainability attributes. These same tools will enable us to manage forests, mitigate wildfires and diseases. By investing in plant sciences, Purdue will be known for growing graduates, entrepreneurs and the ag-biotech industry to ensure a future where the environment and agriculture work hand-in-hand to both feed the world’s population and strengthen our ecosystems.

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