Glenn W. Sample Dean of the College of Agriculture
Dean Plaut provides the vision and leadership needed for the College of Agriculture to advance Purdue’s national and global leadership in teaching and research. Plaut also oversees the overall vision and development of strategies for the Digital Innovation in Agri-food Systems Lab (DIAL).
Senior Associate Dean and Director for Agricultural Research and Graduate Education
Engel oversees research and graduate programs for the College of Agriculture and its Next Moves initiatives. Engel also guides entrepreneurship activities with a focus on increasing licensing potential and startups that serve the food and agriculture system.
Erica Cottrell
Managing Director
Cottrell provides leadership in all phases of research-based operations management and strategic planning of the College of Agriculture’s Next Moves initiatives, including DIAL. Cottrell improves efficiency of operations and oversees the hiring and coordination of all personnel and resources.
Director of the Center for Plant Biology, Distinguished Professor
Dudareva is the director of the CPB, an interdepartmental alliance of plant biologists who share an interest in fundamental research and are committed to graduate training. The CPB was formed as part of Purdue Moves, launched in 2013, to strengthen Purdue’s research capacity in plant sciences.
Director of the Integrated Digital Forestry Initiative (iDiF)
Professor, Dean’s Chair of Remote Sensing
Fei is responsible for the College of Agriculture’s overall vision for remote sensing and leads a multidisciplinary research team who develops digital technology to revolutionize forestry into the information age.
Executive Director of the Digital Innovation in Agri-food Systems Lab (DIAL)
Professor, Land O’Lakes Chair in Food and Agribusiness
Gray provides strategic direction for DIAL’s market research and venture development, working closely with their annual cohort of Fellows to bring digital innovations into the agri-food industry.
Julie Hickman
Senior Facilities Project Manager
Hickman is the master planner of facilities overseeing the creation and renovation of greenhouses, rainout shelters and labs. Hickman also collaborates with faculty and staff on new and ongoing research projects, managing projects that implement the vision of Purdue Agriculture’s Next Moves initiatives.
Director of the Center for Food Demand Analysis and Sustainability (CFDAS)
Distinguished Professor, Head of Agricultural Economics
Lusk provides strategic direction and cultivates internal and external relationships for the CFDAS. He is a food and agricultural economist who studies what we eat and why we eat it.
Erin Robinson
Communications Lead
Robinson leads strategic communications for the College of Agriculture’s Next Moves programs. She is responsible for developing and implementing communications strategies, as well as creating and maintaining consistent messaging across various platforms.
Scientific Director of the Institute for Plant Sciences
Professor, Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Research
Tuinstra helps define the research direction for plant sciences and offers guidance for the College of Agriculture’s Next Moves projects so the research meets specific goals.
Yang Yang
Director of Digital Phenomics
Yang is responsible for managing Purdue’s expanding phenomics research and infrastructure as well as developing computational systems and tools to enable researchers to overcome challenges.