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Purdue researcher’s short corn has far-reaching potential for growers, industry and the environment

This newsletter highlights success metrics for Purdue’s Plant Sciences 2.0 and the innovative work happening in plant sciences.

Purdue Plant Sciences Newsletter

This newsletter highlights success metrics for Purdue’s Plant Sciences 2.0 and the innovative work happening in plant sciences.

Nanocarrier research taps technology in Ag Alumni Seed Phenotyping Facility

The advantages of packaging a bioactive compound in a nanosized carrier have been proven in medicine for targeted drug delivery. Now Purdue researchers are studying nanocarriers for the delivery of agrochemicals to plants to reap equally important benefits — treating…

Food survey: Consumers trust and value product labels

Americans tend to trust food labels, especially the ingredient list, expiration date and nutrition fact label, according to the March Consumer Food Insights Report. The most distrusted labels include low-calorie, naturalness and health claims.

Ideas keep stemming from annual student soybean innovation competition

Sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Alliance (ISA) and Purdue University, the competition challenges students to develop novel applications for soybeans that address market needs.

Wisecaver named University Faculty Scholar, looks to future research efforts

Wisecaver is one of four faculty members from Purdue’s College of Agriculture who received a University Faculty Scholar distinction this year, an award recognizing faculty on accelerated paths in the discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

Biologists, chemical engineers collaborate to reveal complex cellular process inside petunias

Once upon a time, prevailing scientific opinion might have pronounced recently published research in Nature Communications by a team of Purdue University scientists as unneeded. Now, climate change implications have heightened the need for this line of research.

$10 million USDA grant to fuel economic resilience and sustainability in Eastern U.S. forests

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a $10 million grant to Purdue University to help landowners and stakeholders better adapt their forests to increasingly complicated economic and climate conditions in the Eastern U.S. About five million small, private landowners…

Digital revolution inspires new research direction in ecosystem structural diversity

A special issue of the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment lays the foundation for pursuing structural diversity as a new research direction in ecology. The issue, funded by the National Science Foundation, also describes the digital data collection…

Seven Purdue Agriculture faculty members recognized for teaching excellence

The Office of Academic Programs, along with the College of Agriculture Awards Committee and Agricultural Research and Graduate Education, announced seven recipients of the 2022-2023 College of Agriculture Faculty and Staff teaching awards.

Indiana turkey prices spike, consumers advised to shop early and be aware of discounts

Consumers can expect higher turkey prices at grocery stores this Thanksgiving. This trend is not surprising given rising costs of other meat and produce.

Throwing shade: A.I. project a breakthrough in urban forestry

A new A.I. project in digital forestry at Purdue is converting satellite data into accurate tree inventories, revealing how trees influence urban areas and the magic number needed for significant heat benefits.