A Future Veterinarian on the Farm

Wyatt Krom - 04/07/2017 - Wyatt is a senior in Animal Sciences. The photos will be used with an article written by Jeremy Zucker on the College of Ag (COA) home page and will be available for the department to post.

Wyatt Krom grew up in Liberty, Indiana, a small town south of Richmond on the east side of the state. Krom’s family raised beef cattle and he had been involved in livestock organizations, including 4-H and FFA, since he was a small child. His first exposure to Purdue was during trips to campus for livestock judging contests. From the beginning, he always knew he wanted to attend Purdue.

Now a senior scheduled to graduate in May, Krom is planning to stay at Purdue after his recent acceptance to the university’s veterinary school. His plans post-veterinary school, however, don’t follow what many consider the traditional path.

“With the implementation of regulations like the Veterinary Feed Directive, veterinarians will have to start playing a larger role in food animal production,” said Krom. “Pharmaceutical companies and large farms are hiring veterinarians to be on-site, relying on their expertise to help ensure animal health and food quality.”

Wyatt Krom in beef cattle pen.

Krom is directing his studies toward food animal medicine and production medicine, working with people who raise the livestock we eat. He hopes to support dairy, beef cattle, and pork producers in their efforts to healthfully raise livestock, which helps ensure a quality food supply.

While Krom has enjoyed all aspects of his undergraduate education, what has stood out most in Animal Sciences has been the emphasis on hands-on learning. “I’ve enjoyed learning how to apply what’s learned in the classroom to the real world,” he said. “We have professors at Purdue doing research that is changing the world. It’s pretty amazing to know their discoveries are rewriting the textbooks.”

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