Foodie to Food Scientist

Food Science student, Cameron Wicks, is testing different flavored popcorn.

Cameron WicksFor Junior Cameron Wicks, her love of food science began with the chemistry of baking, but that quickly became a passion for all aspects of the degree.

Wicks found the science behind food microbiology eye opening. With her classes and internship this past summer, she has learned about foodborne pathogens, their symptoms, preventative measures, and more.

As a Cargill Global Scholar, the Dallas native is learning the leadership skills needed to be successful in her future career through the program.

Research and development are also high on her list of academic pursuits. “I’ve always been drawn to the creativity and chemistry aspect of food science,” she said.   As she works with a product development group making new popcorn snacks using a pilot plant on campus, she is gaining a more comprehensive appreciation for the process as a whole.

“Product development from start to finish is fascinating,” said Wicks. “From market research, to branding, to product testing, and so on – there are so many avenues you can take your studies and research in food science.”

Wicks is still figuring out which direction she will ultimately pursue, but she’s grateful for the opportunities to explore through the College of Agriculture.

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