Mario Martinez

Dr. Mario Martinez

Food Science
Associate Professor

Staff: Adriana Maribell Aguilar Torres, Farzaneh Nasrollahzadeh, Kasper Brandhøj Skov , Emil Wedding Stentoft

General Research Areas

  • Carbohydrate chemistry
  • Edible plant tissues and health.
  • Plant-based food structuring


  • Structure-function-digestion-fermentation relationships of glycemic carbohydrates and dietary fibers
  • Food and agricultural waste valorization through technology development.
  • Manufacturing of structured semisolid foods from plant proteins
  • Understanding polysaccharide-polyphenol interactions using advanced analytical tools
  • Derivatization of polysaccharides using green chemistry approaches for food and packaging applications
  • Compatibilization of biopolymers to develop high performace packaging materials

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Dr. Marinez's PhD Students

Picture of Adriana Maribell Aguilar Torres

Adriana Maribell Aguilar Torres
PhD fellow in the Martinez lab at the Department of Food Science, AU FOOD

Adriana Maribell Aguilar Torres is a PhD fellow in the Martinez lab at the Department of Food Science, AU FOOD (2021-, Aarhus University). Her research focuses on interactions between polysaccharides and polyphenols (secondary metabolites of plants) and the design of multifunctional materials. She holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology (2020, Aarhus University, Denmark) and a Bachelor degree in Food Science (2012, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, México). Her research topics include: interactions between primary (polysaccharides) and secondary metabolites of plants (polyphenols), interactions between secondary metabolites of plants (anthocyanins and phenolic acids), and microencapsulation of fish oil Besides her academic career, she took the opportunity to work in the food industry for 2.5 years (Mondelez International and Bachoco México). 


Photo of Kasper Brandhøj SkovKasper Brandhøj Skov

PhD Student

Kasper Brandhøj Skov is a PhD student in the Martinez Lab. He earned his MS in Chemistry and Biotechnology Engineering from Aarhus University in January 2022. His MS thesis explored the development of anisotropic structures using proteins, starch, and extrusion technology. His current focus is on utilizing chemo-mechanical methods to upcycle waste bread into high-performance biomaterials 



Dr. Marinez's Post Doc Students

Dr. Marinez's Miscellaneous Students