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Youth Development
and Agricultural Education


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Steven K McKinley

Extension Administration 

  • 4-H Youth Development Specialist - Leadership and Volunteerism

Primary Responsibilities:
Programs and curriculum related to youth and adults: State 4-H Junior Leader Conference, Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference, Indiana 4-H Youth & Adult Congress, Operation: Military Kids, Purdue Collegiate 4-H, State Fair Volunteer Day, Volunteer Recognition, Indiana High School Ag Teacher Workshop, National FFA Volunteer Development Training Series, North Central Region Volunteer Forum, VolunteerIN 4-H Toolkit for Success, other development opportunities for staff and volunteers.

YDAE Strategic Planning
Indiana 4-H Youth Development Program Policy & Procedures
4-H Visioning Committee
Volunteer Development
Staff Development
North Central Region Volunteer e-Forum Task Force
Citizenship Mission Mandate
NAE4-HA Organization Stewardship
North Central Region Volunteer Specialist
4-H 101 & 4-H 201 Staff & Volunteer Development National Steering Committee

Operation:Military Kids, Military 4-H Club, OMK Camp, Monsanto/National 4-H Council, Indiana 4-H Foundation

Research Interest:
Leadership & Volunteerism

Recent Publications - VolunteerIN, 4-H Toolkit for Success, 4-H 1001, Volumes I, II, III, and IV
Operation:Military Kids DVD- 4-H-1002

B.S., Purdue University, Ag Education
M.S., Purdue University, Ag Economics
Ph.D., Purdue Univeristy, Educational Technology