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Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

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Student brings farm fields to family rooms with new children’s book

Graduate student links Purdue-based educational system to his Rwandan homeland

2024 Outstanding Students

Mariah K. Stollar Awan - Graduate Ag Research Spotlight

Book offers on-the-ground lessons in international development

Purdue ASEC to Recognize Distinguished Alumni September 15

$1 million USDA grant to Purdue aims to boost efficiency at dairy farms

Abigail Borron named 2023 ASEC Distinguished Alumnus

Aaron McKim named 2023 ASEC Distinguished Alumnus

Travis Park named 2023 ASEC Distinguished Alumnus

Cultivating the Future: Mina Reising

ASEEC Graduate Certificate Prepares Students for Interdisciplinary Agriculture Careers

Purdue’s Communicating Controversial Science Online Course Teaches the Importance of Dialogue and Engagement

Cultivating the Future: Allison Lund

Townsend competition recognizes four Purdue Agriculture student winners

Middle schoolers get hands-on STEM lessons at day camp

Students on the Street: Where do you go to clear your mind?

Entrepreneur’s venture flies high, but remains close to roots

Junior puts a new spin on an old hobby

Destination Career: Alumna hitches her dreams to well-known workhorses

Eclectic internships combine to create meaningful experiences

Student-coach gets her point across to high school team

Pandemic restrictions lead to unexpected photo op

Long-distance relationships foster close friendships

Asking questions leads to rewarding experiences and career

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