Issues 360


Communicate with Confidence on Critical Issues

Most of us look at any topic through our own lens of experiences, background, and spheres of influence.  But wouldn’t we be better off by learning to see things from a different vantage point?  Wouldn’t that help us grow, respond, and maybe even change our perspective? This program will help you understand critical and controversial topics and create positive, productive discussion about themusing:

  • Sound decision-making
  • Constructive dialogue
  • Personal and social responsibility

You’ll gain confidence and compassion to discuss critical issues in ways that simultaneously influence and respect others – essential skills for a trusted future face of agriculture. We partner with the Center for Food Integrity to provide participants with their "Engage" training. During the weekend training, students will have the chance to network with alumni and communications experts, practice various techniques through role play activities, develop knowledge about current controversial issues in agriculture, and enhance their communication skills.

Thank you to our sponsors, Ag Alumni,Indiana Corn Marketing Council and Indiana Soybean Alliance for helping to put on the Issues 360 Institute. 


Office of Academic Programs

(765) 494-8470 

Dig Deeper

In order to apply for the Issues 360 Institute Program, you must be a student in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University in good academic standing.

Subject to Change

Friday, January 26 | 5-8:45 pm

  • Program overview
  • Networking
  • Dinner 
  • Communications Expert Panel
  • Wrap up and reflection

Saturday, January 27 | 8:30 am - 6:30 pm

  • Center for Food Integrity Engage Training
  • Intercultural Communications Overview
  • Case Studies
  • Overview of Current State of Agriculture
  • Corporate Communication Patterns
  • Project Planning
  • Wrap up and reflection

Spring Semester, January 27 to mid-April 

  • Students conduct community outreach project 
    • More information shared during January institute

Mid-April | Evening

  • Students present overview of their community outreach project
  • Celebration and recognition night 

Current & Past Participants

  • Abbey Hughes, Agricultural Sales and Marketing
  • Alyson Godwin, Plant Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology
  • Audrey Hettel, Food Science
  • Dev Patel, Biological Engineering
  • Ella Robinson, Soil and Water Sciences
  • Anna Hicks, Food Science
  • Josh Clark, Agricultural Economics
  • Kaity Hofmann, Agronomy
  • Kassidy Oliger, Agribusiness Management
  • Grace Camden, Food Science
  • Lucas Clapp, Agribusiness Management
  • Mackenzie Smith, Agricultural Sales and Marketing
  • Nicolas Laplante, Animal Sciences
  • Olivia Reynolds, Agribusiness Management

Class One Fellows

  • ​Katie Bierrum, Landscape Architecture
  • Armenda Boyer, Agricultural Communications/Agricultural Economics
  • Jamie Hans, Plant Genetics, Breeding & Biotechnology
  • Michelle Hemler, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Quinton Nannet, Biochemistry
  • Austin Prechtel, Fisheries and Aquatic Science
  • Holly Renner, Animal Sciences
  • Stephanie Schramm, Biological Engineering
  • Tana Simmons, Agricultural Communications/Sales and Marketing
  • Nicole Smith, Natural Resources/Environmental Science
  • Shelby Swain, Agribusiness - Marketing Concentration
  • Daron A. Wilson, ​Agricultural Economics - Commodity Marketing

Class Two Fellows

  • Mark S. ​Aronson, Biological Engineering
  • Jessica-Lena E. Bohlin, Agronomy
  • Katie M. Carroll, Agricultural Economics
  • Katie M. Chustak, Agricultural Education
  • Shelby E. Cummings, Biochemistry
  • Gavin D. Kissel, Agricultural Economics
  • Kara S. McKinney, Food Sciences
  • Merle L. Mullet, Agricultural Economics
  • Ryan W.R. Schroeder, Natural Resources & Environmental Science
  • Ross M. Smith, Agricultural Economics
  • Ethan R. Wieland, Agricultural Economics

Class Three Fellows

  • Kendra Arnholt, Animal Sciences
  • Britt A. Copeland, Agribusiness
  • Odalys Cubillo, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Mary Grace Erickson, Animal Sciences
  • Benjamin Knapke, Agribusiness
  • Arren Liu, Biological Engineering
  • Meicen Liu, Animal Sciences
  • Mallory Meyer, Animal Sciences
  • Kylie M O'Connor, Agribusiness
  • Jameson Pierce, Wildlife
  • Shania Ray, Agribusiness
  • Marissa R. Richardson, Agricultural Economics
  • Sydney Rivera, Food Sciences
  • Austin Scheetz, Natural Resources and Environmental Science
  • Priyanka Shankar, Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Matthew Summerlot, Agricultural Education
  • Tyler Tonner, Agricultural Systems Management
  • Amber Wampler, Agribusiness

Class Four Fellows

  • Lanie Barth, Agricultural Communication
  • Meghan Boucher, Food Science
  • Joshua Calhoun, Agricultural Education
  • Chancelor "Chance" Clark, Plant Genetics, Breeding & Biotechnology
  • Joanna Claudy, Animal Sciences
  • Bailey Bromstrup-Crowder, Agricultural Education
  • Kelly Dressler, Agricultural Education
  • Mekenzie Gear, Animal Sciences
  • Sheradan Hill, Agricultural Communication
  • Julia Johnson, Animal Science & Bioscience
  • Grant Knobloch, Agricultural Systems Management
  • Brianna Lammers, Agricultural Education
  • Jiayi Lin, Natural Resources & Environmental Science
  • Caitlinn Lineback, Food Science
  • Dhruv Neema, Agribusiness Management
  • Aleah Scheurich, Animal Sciences
  • Kayla Schneider, Agribusiness Sales & Marketing
  • Peile "Penny" Wang, Food Science
  • Khyla Wilson, Agribusiness Sales & Marketing
  • Morgan Winder, Agricultural Education & Agricultural Economics
  • Brittany Wolford, Agronomic Business & Marketing

Class five Fellows

  • David Armbruster, Landscape Architecture
  • Lilian Armour, Agribusiness Management
  • Megan Arnold, Agribusiness Management
  • Abigail Clifford, Animal Sciences
  • Caroline Crosslin - Agricultural Economics
  • Diana DiPretoro, Plant Genetics, Breeding & Biotechnology
  • Jace Geiger, Farm Management
  • Leah Jacobs, Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication
  • Samantha Klemme - Agricultural Sales & Management
  • Nelson Knobloch, Agribusiness Management
  • Katriel Marks, Agribusiness Management
  • Haley Mood, Agribusiness Management
  • Katie Nixon, Farm Management
  • Myra Rademacher, Agricultural Education
  • Cassidy Robinson, Forestry & Wildlife
  • Dalton Smith, Agricultural Economics
  • Rachel Stoner, Agricultural Education & Animal Sciences
  • Elizabeth Tedder, Biological Engineering
  • Carrie Winklepleck, Agronomic Business & Marketing
  • Zifan Zhu, Agricultural Systems Management

Class Six Fellows

  • Sohinee Bera, Agricultural Communications
  • Nate Bowser, Plant Genetics, Breeding & Biotechnology
  • Nick Bowser, Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Communications
  • Josephine Cameron, Agricultural Economics
  • Hayley DeHaan, Agricultural Sales & Marketing & Agricultural Communications
  • Kaitlyn Gabhart, Animal Sciences
  • Doria Gilberg, Animal Sciences
  • Mason Gordon, Applied Agricultural Economics
  • Chase Gripp, Agricultural Systems Management
  • Blake Hinch, Agribusiness Management
  • Jocie Kleiman, Animal Sciences: Biosciences
  • Sara Lechlider, Agribusiness Management & Turf Management & Science
  • Grant Mohler, Agricultural Economics
  • Madisyn Murphy, Animal Sciences
  • Shoko Nakatake, Insect Biology
  • Kelley Roberts, Agronomy: Crop & Soil Management
  • Claire Schloemer, Agronomy: International
  • Sara Schwarzkopf, Animal Sciences: Biosciences
  • L. Kristen Senn, Animal Sciences
  • Elizabeth Simmermeyer, Animal Sciences
  • Morgan Uebelhor, Animal Sciences
  • Bennett Walther, Applied Agricultural Economics
  • Kate Watkins, Animal Sciences
  • Megan Wiley, Agricultural Communication
  • Paige Wininger, Agricultural Sales & Marketing
  • Emma Wischmeier, Agribusiness Management
  • Neil Zhao, Food Science
  • Laura Zimmerman, - Animal Sciences

Class Seven Fellows

  • Laura Barrett, Agricultural Economics
  • Kamryn Dehn, Aquatic Science, Marine Biology
  • Melinda Dodson, Animal Sciences
  • Joey Gerteisen, Plant Science
  • Grace Hasler, Agricultural Economics & Agricultural Communications
  • Shelby Henry, Agricultural Sales & Marketing
  • Cora Hill, Agricultural Education
  • Kalynda Hoevener, Agricultural Education
  • Gracie Johnson, Agricultural Communications
  • Savannah Kerkhoff, Agribusiness Management
  • Micah Lehe, Food Science
  • Cameron Matthews, Biochemistry
  • Bridget Noble, Animal Sciences
  • Tejashree Shah, Food Science
  • Emma Swain, Agribusiness

Class Eight Fellows

  • Natalie Doelman, Agricultural Economics
  • Halee Fisher, Agricultural Economics
  • Isabelle Gilchrist, Insect Biology
  • Kirsten Mehling, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
  • Madeline Murphy, Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Kendra Personett, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
  • Emma Zaicow, Animal Sciences


"Issues 360 truly challenged me to think differently about advocating for agriculture, something I am incredibly passionate about. One of the biggest takeaways that I had is advocating for agriculture doesn't require a large elaborate plan that will reach hundreds of people, simple actions to share about the importance of agriculture can make a big impact." 

Kassidy Oliger, Agribusiness Management