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Dr Hui-Hui Wang In August, Dr. Wang joined YDAE as an Assistant Professor. She has a strong background in STEM education and curriculum for K-12 students. Dr. Wang is excited to bring a stronger connection between agriculture and STEM education. She stated there is a lot of potential to integrate STEM and agriculture in the classroom. By starting students’ interest in STEM fields early on, she believes that we will be able to increase the amount of students who are interested in working in a STEM field in the future. One of Dr. Wang’s largest goals is to increase agriculture’s presence at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching conference. Last year was the first time an agriculture topic was covered. She wants to be part of that academic community and become an expert in integrating STEM education to the classroom.

Dr. Wang plans to use this semester to prepare information, gain a network, explore various possibilities and become familiar with what already exists at Purdue. Her plan is to have a course developed by fall 2016 focusing on creating a classroom curriculum which includes STEM integration and agricultural education. The concept of including math and science in agriculture classrooms is not new. In her little but precious free time, Dr. Wang enjoys exploring the outdoors via road trips and hikes. She recently enjoyed a trip out west where she journeyed solo through Arizona and Utah.


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