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This 7,300-square-foot phenotyping facility – open since February 2018 – complements Purdue’s field-based phenotyping capabilities by allowing a rapid, non-destructive alternative to exploring plant traits under precise environmental control.

The Ag Alumni Seed Phenotyping Facility is a core component of the Institute for Plant Sciences, part of Purdue Moves, announced in 2013 to broaden Purdue’s global impact and enhance educational opportunities for its students.

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160 S Russell Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907

Facility Manager
Chris Hoagland

Director of Digital Phenomics
Yang Yang

Facility Specialist
Mike Gosney

Lead Data Analyst
Sungchan (Sun) Oh

The science behind feeding the world

We can determine the genetic background of a plant in a lab. But the real-world environment changes a plant’s genetic makeup and in turn, its physical characteristics. Phenomics is the science of measuring and analyzing these physical characteristics after a plant interacts with its environment.

Cutting-edge technology allows us to gather and analyze huge amounts of real-time, high-quality phenotypic data automatically. Faster data collection and analysis means faster crop improvement. This is key both to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.

Purdue has invested in phenotyping technology across multiple scales to become a national leader in plant science and phenomics as well as part of a global community to accelerate digital agricultural innovation.

This continuum of technologies is driving plant sciences research from the lab to the field, in Indiana and around the world.

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