The Department of Biochemistry at Purdue University is committed to basic research and training undergraduate, graduate, and professional students for careers in biochemistry, molecular biology, and related life sciences. Our faculty, graduate student's, and staff are located in the Biochemistry Building with additional offices and laboratories in the Hansen Life Science Research Building and Whistler Hall. All faculty members participate in the Biochemistry Graduate Program and most are members of the interdisciplinary PULSe program.

 Department News



Clint Chapple and his lab members were featured in Purdue Today for their discovery that could yield more efficient plants for biofuels.

Beth Tran and her lab members found that long non-coding RNAs prepare metabolic genes to be activated swiftly when baker's yeast needs to switch its source of energy from glucose - its main sugar source - to an alternative sugar, galactose. Featured in Purdue Today.

Natalia Dudareva and her lab members were featured in Purdue Today for the discovery of a microbial-like pathway in plants that produces phenylalanine, an amino acid that is a vital component of proteins in all living organisms.

Andy Tao and his lab members were featured in the ASBMB Today for their work with kinases.

Erin Nicklow (senior) was featured in The Exponent for graduating in three and a half years.

Christie Eissler (Hall lab) was selected as October's Graduate Ag Research Spotlight recipient.

Jessica Gabbard (Kirchmaier lab) and Cole Wunderlich (Chapple lab) were featured in Agricultures Magazine for their undergraduate research over the summer.