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The Effect of Trifludimoxazin on the Frequency of the ΔG210 Target Site Mutation in Field Populations of Waterhemp (Jesse Haarmann - 2020)

Effects of Simulated Dew on Dicamba Volatility and Soybean Sensitivity (Matthew Osterholt, 2020)

Identification of Soybean Lines with Differential Sensitivity to Dicamba (Matthew Osterholt - 2020)

Assessing Soil Variability in Commercial Fields and the Potential Impact on Weed Management (Rose Vagedes - 2020)

Antagonism of ACCase Inhibitor Herbicides Used for Control of Volunteer Corn in Enlist E3 Soybean Systems (Marcelo Zimmer - 2020)

The Effect of Glyphosate Plus Dicamba Drift Rates on Commercial Processing Tomatoes (2008)

Winter Annual Weed Influence on Soil Temperature and Soybean Cyst Nematode Population Density (2008)

Characterization of Three Horseweed Populations with Different ALS Mutations (2008)

Response of Field Collected Indiana Giant Foxtail Populations to Glyphosate (2008)

Effect of 2,4-D Drift on Roundup-Ready Soybean Yield Components (2008)

Open-Pollinated Transfer of Glyphosate Resistance in Horseweed in Greenhouse Isolation (2008)

Growth and Seed Production of Multiple Glyphosate- and Acetolactate Synthesis-Resistant Horseweed Biotypes (2008)

Volunteer Glyphosate-Resistant Corn Control in Roundup Ready Soybeans (2007)

Late-Season Weed Escapes in Indiana Soybean (2005)

Response of Selected Indiana Horseweed Populations to 2,4-D (2005)

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Stalk Boring Insects in Indiana and Michigan Giant Ragweed (2005)

Fall and Spring Development of Soybean Cyst Nematode on Winter Annual Weeds (2005)

Influence of Stalk Boring Insects on Glyphosate Efficacy on Giant Ragweed (2004)

Weed Removal Timings in No-Till, Double-Crop, Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean Grown on Claypan Soils (2004)

Distribution of Stalk Boring Insects in Giant Ragweed in Indiana and Southern Michigan (2004)

Stalk Boring Insects - Glyphosate Efficacy on Infested Giant Ragweed (2004)

Corn Yield is Influenced by Nitrogen Fertilizer Timing and Giant Ragweed Interference (2004)

Dandelion Control With Spring Applied Treatments in No-Till Soybean (2003)

Frequency and Distribution of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed in Indiana (2003)

Herbicide Injury in the Field

What is Biotechnology? (2002)