Botany & Plant Pathology

Kevin Gibson | Plant Ecology

Bill Johnson | Integrated Weed Management in Corn and Soybean

Bryan Young | Herbicide Physiology and Application Technology

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture

Stephen Meyers | Specialty Crops Weed Science

Aaron Patton | Turf Weed Management


Botany & Plant Pathology

Leonard PivetaWeed Science Post-Doctoral Researcher

Zhe Ren | Weed Science Post-Doctoral Researcher

Julie Young | Weed Science Research Associate

Marcelo Zimmer | Weed Science Program Specialist

Graduate Students

Claudia Bland | MS Student - Johnson Lab

Estevan CasonMS Student - Johnson Lab

Jada DavisMS Student - Young Lab

Grant IsaacsMS Student - Young Lab

Emma LagerhausenMS Student - Young Lab

Lucas Maia | PhD Student - Johnson Lab

Hunter Medenwald | MS Student  - Young Lab

Alex MuethMS Student - Young Lab

Abigail NorsworthyMS Student - Young Lab