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Herbicide Families for
Corn and Soybeans



Below are many of the herbicides separated into where they injure the plant and into their modes of action. Herbicides that have links to injury pictures are highlighted with underlines. For information as to how these herbicide work see the Herbicide Mode of Action Web Site.
I. Herbicides that injure new growth and have the potential to move from leaves to roots
A. Growth Regulators - Group 4 and Group 19*
Phenoxy acids Benzoic Acids Pyridine Carboxylic acids
Butyrac 200 2,4-DB Banvel dicamba Garlon triclopyr
Bakker 2,4-DB Clarity dicamba Stinger clopyralid
Rhonox MCPA Oracle dicamba Tordon picloram
Rhomene MCPA Sterling dicamba Vista fluroxypyr
Various 2,4-D     Starane fluroxypyr
Various 2,4-DP     Milestone aminopyralid
Semicarbazome - Auxin Transport*      
component of diflufenzopyr        
Premixes containing one of the above: Accent Gold, BattleShip, Bronate, Celebrity Plus, Cimarron Max, Colt, Crossbow, Curtail, Distinct, Forefront, Hornet WDG, Marksman, NorthStar, Op-Till, Resolve, Riverdale TruPower, Status, Sterling Plus, Shotgun, Spurge Power, Stratos, Tiller, Weedmaster, Wolfpack Advanced, Yukon.
B. Amino Acid Synthesis Inhibitors - Group 2
Branch Chain Amino Acid Inhibitors: Imidazolinones (ALS)    
Arsenal imazapyr Raptor imazamox    
Habitat imazapyr Clearcast imazamox    
Contain imazapyr Beyond imazamox    
Chopper imazapyr Plateau imazapic    
Pursuit imazethapyr Scepter imazaquin    
Thunder imazethapyr        
Premixes containing one of the above: Extreme, Journey, Lightning, Pursuit Plus, Squadron.
Branch Chain Amino Acid Inhibitors : Sulfonylureas (ALS)    
Classic chlorimuron Accent nicosulfuron Matrix rimsulfuron
Telar chlorsulfuron Nic-It nicosulfuron Resolve rimsulfuron
Option foramusulfuron Samson nicosulfuron Shadeout rimsulfuron
Permit halosulfuron Beacon primisulfuron Harmony GT thifensulfuron
Sedgehammer halosulfuron Peak prosulfuron Harass thifensulfuron
Autumn iodosulfuron Westar sulfometuron Express tribenuron
Ally metsulfuron Oust sulfometuron Nuance tribenuron
Cimmeron metsulfuron        
Escort metsulfuron        
Premixes Containing one of the above: Accent Gold, Affinity, Basis, Basis Gold, Canopy DF, Canopy EX, Canopy XL, Canvas, Celebrity, Celebrity Plus, Chisum, Clarion, Chlormet, Envive, Equip, Expert, Finesse, Harmony Extra, Landmark, Lineage, Nimble, NorthStar, Report Extra, Resolve, Spirit, Steadfast, Stout, Sulfomet, Synchrony STS, Throttle XP, Valor XLT, Yukon.
Branch Chain Amino Acid Inhibitors : Triazolopyrimidines (ALS)
Python flumetsulam        
FirstRate cloransulam        
Amplify cloransulam        
Premixes containing one of the above: Accent Gold, Authority First, Bicep Magnum, Gangster, FrontRow (co-pack), Gauntlet, Hornet WDG, Sonic.
Aromatic Amino Acid Inhibitors (EPSPS) - Group 9
Roundup glyphosate Rattler glyphosate Clearout 41 glyphosate
WeatherMax   Rodeo glyphosate Glyfos glyphosate
Roundup glyphosate Showdown glyphosate Hoss Ultra glyphosate
PowerMax   Fireball glyphosate Lajj Plus glyphosate
Credit, Debit glyphosate Cornerstone glyphosate Enforcer glyphosate
Mirage glyphosate Rascal glyphosate Remuda glyphosate
Glyphomax glyphosate Aqua Star glyphosate Supersate glyphosate
Touchdown glyphosate Auqamaster glyphosate Zap-It glyphosate
. . . many more
Premixes contianing one of the above: Backdraft SL, Bronco, Expert, Extreme, Field Master, Journey, Ready Master ATZ, Thunder Master.
C. Lipid Synthesis (ACCase) inhibitors (Grass growing point disinegrators) - Group 1
Aryloxyphenoxyproprionate   Cyclohexanediones  
Assure II quizalofop   Poast Plus sethoxydim  
Targa quizalofop   Vantage sethoxydim  
Fusilade DX fluazifop   Segment sethoxydim  
Hoelon fenoxaprop   Arrow clethodim  
Option II fenoxaprop   Select Max clethodim  
      Intensity clethodim  
      Prism clethodim  
Premixes containing one of the above: Fusion, Puma.
D. Pigment Inhibitors - Groups 13 and 28*
Isoxazolidinone Isoxazole Triketone*
Command clomozone Balance Pro isoxaflutole Callisto mesotrione
    Balance FLEXX isoxaflutole Laudis tembotrione
      Impact tropramezone
Premixes containing one of the above: Camix, Epic, Lexar, Lumax, Radius.
II. Herbicides that injure old growth first and have potential to move only upward.
Classical Photosynthesis Inhibitors - Group 5, 6*, and 7**
Triazines   Substituted ureas**  Fast Acting (Contact)*
Aatrex atrazine Karmex diuron Basagran bentazon
Princep simazine Lorox linuron Buctril bromoxynil
Sencor metribuzin Linex linuron Moxy bromoxynil
Lexone metribuzin Spike tebuthiuron Broclean bromoxynil
Metri DF metribuzin     Tough pyridate
Velpar hexazinone Uracils   (Low doses of the above
Pramitol prometon Hyvar Bromacil mimic classical photo
    Sinbar terbacil inhibitors, high doses mimic
        cell membrane disrupters.)
Premixes containing one of the above: Axiom, Axiom AT, Basis, Basis Gold, Bicep II, Bicep II Magnum, Brozine, Burctril + Atrazine, Bullet, Conclude Ultra, Conclude Xtra B, Contour, Degree Extra, Domain, Expert, Field Master, FulTime, Galaxy, Gaurdsman Max, Harness Xtra, Headline, Laddok, Lariat, Leadoff, Liberty ATZ, Manifest B, Marksman, Moxy + Atrazine, Ready Master ATZ, Rezult B, ShotGun, Storm Surpass 100, Turbo.
III. Herbicides causing immediate localized injury with little or no movement.
Cell Membrane Disruptors (Contacts) - Group 14 and 22*
Bipyridilium* Diphenylethers N-phenylphthalimide
Gramoxone Max paraquat Ultra Blazer acifluorfen Resource flumiclorac
Gramoxone paraquat FlexStar fomesafen Valor flumioxazin
        Sureguard flumioxazin
Inteon   Reflex fomesafen Payload flumioxazin
Parazone paraquat Cobra lactofen Chateau flumioxazin
Littora Aquatic diquat        
Reward diquat Aryl triazinone    
Aqua-Kill diquat Authority sulfentrazone Liberty glufosinate
Harvester diquat Crossing sulfentrazone Ignite glufosinate
    Spartan suflentrazone    
    Aim carfentrazone    
    Shutout carfentrazone    
    Avalanche carfentrazone    
*Not presently available on the market.
Premixes containting one of the above: Gangster, Gauntlet, Envive, Integrity*, Liberty ATZ, Manifest B, Optill*, Remuda Plus, Sonic, Stellar, Storm, Throttle XP, Tornado, Valor XLT.      
Nitrogen Metablolism - Group 10
Ignite 280 SL glufosinate Derringer glufosinate Rely 200 glufosinate
Liberty glufosinate Finale glufosinate    
IV. Herbicides applied to the soil and have the potential to injure emerging seedlings
Seedling (or Cell) Growth Inhibitors - Group 3, 15*, and 8**
Root inhibitors - Dinitroanalines Shoot inhibitors - Chloroacetamides* Shoot inhibitors - Carbamothioates**
Balan benefin Define flufenacet Ramrod propachlor
Prowl pendimethalin Dual II Magnum S-metolachlor Eradicane EPTC
Pentagon pendimethalin Charger Max metolachlor Sutan butylate
Pendimax pendimethalin Outlook dimethenamid    
Sonalan ethalfluralin Degree acetochlor    
Treflan trifluralin Harness acetochlor    
Tri-4 trifluralin Surpass acetochlor    
Trific trifluralin TopNotch acetochlor    
    Lasso alachlor    
    Micro-Tech alachlor    
Premixes containing one of the above: Axiom, Bicep II, Bicep II Magnum, Bronco, Bullet, Charger Max ATZ, Degree Extra, Detail, Domain, Doubleplay, Expert, Field Master, FulTime, Guardsman, Harness Xtra, Integrity*, Lariat, LeadOff, Me-to-lachlor, Optill, Passport, Pursuit Plus, Squadron, Steel, Surpass 100, Tri-scept, Turbo.      
Herbicide Handbook 9th ed. 2007. Weed Science Society of America.
Corn and Soybean Herbicide Chart. GWC-3. University of Wisconsin
Last updated May 28, 2009 WS-FS-1
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