2019-12 PAER: Agricultural Outlook for 2020

December 18, 2019

Welcome to our annual outlook issue of the Purdue Ag Econ Report (PAER), where we look back at last year and ahead at economic conditions for agriculture in 2020.

The past year brought a number of challenges for Indiana agriculture, weather being at the top of the list. Rain and flooding impacted the ability to get into fields, and led to difficult decisions about whether to delay planting or take prevented planting insurance. These delays then led to a late harvest. While weather had significant effects in different parts of the state; nationwide, there were only modest improvements in commodity prices .

Looking ahead, there continues to be uncertainty in trade policy and the macroeconomic environment. African Swine Fever in China is having, and will likely continue to have, major impacts in global markets. As a result of this and other factors, global food prices are on the rise, although domestic food price inflation is projected to remain low.

In the following PAER articles, Agricultural Economics Faculty at Purdue provide insight on these and other issues, including land values, rental rates, and agricultural policy.

Jayson Lusk, Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics

Articles in this Publication:

Our Long, Slow, Steady Expansion Should Continue

Trade and trade policy outlook for 2020

2020 Outlook: Farm Policy

Food Price Inflation is on the Rise Globally but Steady at Home

Farmland Market Outlook for 2020

Increase in Indiana cash rent seems unlikely in 2020

More milk, consolidation continues, but still an improved 2020 price outlook

2020 Purdue Crop Cost & Return Guide

2020 Corn Price Outlook

2020 Soybean Price Outlook

Latest Articles:

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