TINT How-to Guide

What is TINT?

TINT is the leading omni-channel User Generated Content Platform for Higher Education. We help higher education partners around the world increase student engagement, recruit prospective students, and connect with alumni.

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How can I use TINT with Cascade?

Your web team has made adding a TINT feed to Cascade easy. A Social Media block can be added to any page to aggregate and display your social media feeds. A live example of this is the current Purdue.edu home page and Purdue Extension pages. Look for the grid of social media displayed on the lower portion of the pages.

social media block screen capture example

Visit the Cascade Block Guide to learn more about the Social Media block and other blocks.

What Do I Need In Order To Use TINT?

You will need your account login details for each social media account. This includes having the mobile device associated with each account for two-factor login and authentication. Learn more below.

TINT Onboarding Guide

You first need access to TINT. In order to create your TINT account please reach out to a TINT team member at success@tintup.com and please also courtesy-copy your web team at ag-web-team@purdue.edu.

Your account will be created with your required level of access, and an email with login details will be sent to you shortly. Please make sure to create your password within 2 hours of receiving this email!

If you are unable to log in within 2 hours after receiving the email, please click “Forgot Password” which will trigger a “Reset Password” email or click here.

You will need login details for each social media account across each social media platform for which you would like to ingest User-Generated Content (UGC) and schedule a time to meet with your TINT team member remotely for onboarding and training.

Instagram Prerequisites

Instagram made changes to its Application Programming Interface (API) impacting how marketers use UGC. The biggest change for #hashtag content requires accessing the new Instagram Graph API. The new API requires an Instagram Business Account.

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Before you begin, you must have:

  • Facebook Account
  • Facebook Page
  • A role assigned on this Facebook Page
  • An Instagram account

You will be connecting your Facebook Page to your Instagram Account, then converting the Instagram Account account to an Instagram Business Account if it isn't one already. You don't have to be the admin of the Facebook Page, but since you'll be connecting it to an Instagram Business Account, the Facebook Page and new Instagram Business Account should be related in some way. Here are the steps you can follow to create your Instagram Business Account.

The training video listed below walks you through the steps of:
  • Creating a TINT Board
  • Adding social media connections
  • Filtering

watch video - create tint board

Copy and paste your Tint Javascript Snippet embed into a Social Media page block of your choosing. Doing this will allow your page to dynamically pull the latest social media from your Tint dashboard.

The video linked below walks you through these steps:

  • Moderating content
  • Personalization
  • Generate Javascript code for web embeds
  • Generate a link for Digital Signage

watch video - cascade embed

To get started with TINT, you will first need to authenticate your social media accounts within the TINT platform.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to log out of all your social media accounts in your browser before authenticating or re-authenticating your social accounts in TINT.

watch video - Authenticate Social Accounts

re-authenticate steps

Social media platforms will require you to re-authenticate your social accounts from time to time, and we cover that in this video, too.

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how do i get started with TINT?

You first need access to TINT. In order to create your TINT user seat, please reach a TINT team member at success@tintup.com. Your account will be created with your required level of access, and an email with login details will be sent to you shortly. Please make sure to create your password within 24 hours of receiving this email!

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Q: Where can I get additional TINT training?
A: Once you have a TINT account visit their support site at https://support.TINTup.com/hc/en-us

Q: Is there a cost associated with using Twitter? 
For users of Twitter and TINT. Twitter has switched to a pay-to-use model. This means that pulling and embedding tweets on a site page has a monthly cost. The cheapest way to work around this change is to link directly to your Twitter account page. Please contact AGCOMM via this link if you have questions or need help linking to your Twitter account.

Q: Why do my re-tweets not display Images in TINT?
A: Twitter prevents TINT from displaying the original post that is being retweeted. One option is to hide these by creating a TINT filter that filters out text-only posts for the Cascade embed. Follow these filter steps:

  • Navigate to your desired TINT dashboard
  • Select the Filters option at the top right of the screen
  • Select all options within Media Types except for Text Only
  • Name and Save your filter
  • Go back into the Filter section and select the option to Copy Filter ID 
  • Insert that number into the following string and include that in the Javascript snippet on your website: data-saved-filter-id="number copied"

watch video - filter example

Q: Why is LinkedIn no longer an option in TINT? 
 Due to recent changes to the LinkedIn API terms of service, LinkedIn no longer supports the ability for any service to ingest and display LinkedIn content. Unfortunately, this impacts functionality for all platforms that ingest content from LinkedIn, including TINT.