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This protocol describes the design and conduct of on-farm, field-scale research trials. While the
protocol is fairly simple, the actual logistics of conducting the trial often require further
discussion, so please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

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farm equipment
A century shared in the soybean field

“A professor of agronomy had planted them,” Martin explained. “The seeds were...

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Great-great-granddaughter of American Soybean Association co-founder embraces 100-year legacy

"Early one morning, when my grandpa was just a young boy, his family traveled to the train...

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Estimating Soybean Yields

Soybean yield potential is built on numerous factors including the genetics that have been...

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Temperature Effects for Soybean Reproduction

Soybeans like it warmer in the evening so that it can “burn” (respire) the stored...

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pale green soybean
Pale Green Soybeans Persisting?

We can often scout or drive past field after field of soybean in June that are pale green to...

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Need to Plant Soybeans Still?

Spring warm-up and field dry-out has been erratic this planting season of 2014. Cold and wet...

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