2023 Winter Test

For bulls born October 1, 2022 through March 31, 2023

Rules for the Test

Performance Summaries as they become available:

Contact information for owners of bulls

Registration numbers for bulls on test 

Sale of bulls - Saturday, April 13, 2024  

  • Sale announcement and news release
  • Sale catalog
    • Digital sale catalog
    • Percentile tables for sale bull EPDs and $ Indexes
    • "Interpreting Performance Information of IBEP Bulls" and "EPDs and $Indexes" - These articles from the catalog explain the bull information in the sale catalog
    • Video - Interpreting Performance Information in the Sale Catalog - Part 1, Part 2
    • Video - Caring For Your Young Bull
  • Video clips of sale bulls
  • Sale summary and prices for individual bulls
  • Sale summary newsletter
  • Sale news and photos