Jessica Gurevitch, Ph.D.

Plant Ecology, Climate Change, Biological Invasions, Research Synthesis

My research interests are broadly in ecology and statistical applications in ecology, with an emphasis on methodological and conceptual issues. Recent work concerns the implications of potential climate intervention (“geoengineering,” particularly solar radiation modification) on ecological systems, working with a group of ecologists and climate scientists. My work on meta-analysis and research synthesis in ecology, begun in 1989, continues with particular interest in the nature of generalization in science and on developing appropriate methods for particular applications. I continue to work on plant demography at a range of spatial scales – what we are calling landscape demography – and on biological invasions. My students have generally worked on independent projects for their dissertations, on a wide range of topics including plant-pathogen interactions, plant invasions in riparian systems, agricultural ecosystems, tropical ecology, and plant-animal interactions in the dispersal of invasive plants.


Jessica Gurevitch, Ph.D.
Department of Forestry & Natural Resources

Address: FORS 101, 195 Marsteller Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765.494.3568
CV: Gurevitch Curriculum Vitae




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