Extension Programs

Extension is a big part of the Wood Research Laboratory (WRL).  The team conducts workshops and collaborates around the world to teach "all about wood". To find out what Extension is view: Purdue Extension. To view Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) Extension publications which include  aquatics, fisheries, forest, woodlands, urban forest, wildlife and wood products visit: Purdue Extension - Forestry and Natural Resources Publications.

Our strengths:

  • Long-term collaboration with the industry
  • Wealth of information generation by WRL

Programs Include:

  • Hardwood University (Dr. Rado Gazo)
  • A La Cart Programs
  • Programs for youth, public & NGO:
        Magical Wood (Dr. Eva Haviarova)
        Wood –The Most Sustainable Biomaterial (Dr. Eva Haviarova)
        School Furniture for Developing World (Dr. Eva Haviarova)
        Publication: FNR-499-W How to Build a Simple Chair for
        Schools or Homes in Disadvantaged Areas of the World
        Using Local Resources and Low-End Technology
  • Wood on Wheels (Dr. Eva Haviarova)
  • Hardwoods of the Central Midwest, The Purdue Arboretum (Dr. Rado Gazo & Dr. Eva Haviarova)

Industry-Related Programs:

  • Wood Science 101 (Gazo, Haviarova)
  • The Shrinking and Swelling of Wood and Its Effect on Furniture (Haviarova)
  • Wood Products and International Trade (Haviarova)
  • Sustainable Product Development (Haviarova)
  • Furniture Performance Testing (Haviarova)
  • Supply Chain Management (Haviarova)
  • Automated Hardwood Lumber Grading (Gazo)
  • Lean Manufacturing and Logistics (Gazo)
  • Trees Fall for Me, Safely (Bollock)
  • Hardwood Lumber, Grading, and Pricing (Gazo)
  • Scanning and Sawing Hardwood (Gazo)
  • Band and Circle Sawmill Maintenance (Bollock)
  • CLT, Hardwood CLTs, and EWPs (Haviarova)
Photo collage with students, staff, wood furniture and wood design.