Seminar Series

  1. Understanding Patterns of Dietary Diversity in Nepal (English)
  2. Assessment and Impact of Iron Deficiency and Anemia (English) (Lao)
  3. Social Determinants of Nutrition Outcomes (English) (Lao)
  4. Understanding the Determinants and Measures of Early Childhood Development (English) (Lao)
  5. Food Environments and Drivers of Food Choice (English) (Lao)
  6. Food Safety in Cambodia (English) (Lao)
  7. Child Nutrition and Early Child Development in Tanzania (English) (Lao)
  8. Pitfalls in the Analysis of Observational Data (English) (Lao)
  9. Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southeast Asia (English) (Lao)
  10. Impacts of Inflation on Food Security in Laos (English) (Lao)
  11. Results from the Lao Nutrition Surveillance Program, Round 1 (English) (Lao)
  12. Implementation of Observational Research Design in NGTS program (English) (Lao)
  13. Implementation and Evaluation of Nutritional Interventions in School Settings (English) (Lao)
  14. Iodine Deficiency Among School Children in Phou Kut City (English) (Lao)
  15. Adherence and Feasibility Study on MMS for Pregnant Women in Cambodia (English) (Lao)
  16. The Thai School Lunch Program (English) (Lao)
  17. Factors Associated with Breastfeeding in Vietntiane Province (English) (Lao)
  18. Developing a National Nutrition Research Agenda for Lao PDR (Lao)
  19. Results from the Lao Nutrition Surveillance Program, Round 2 (English) (Lao)
  20. Understanding Discrepancies in Nutrition Outcomes Among U5s in Laos (English) (Lao)
  21. The Lao Zinc Study - (Lao)