A substantial amount of project attention has been devoted to short-term training, mentoring and capacity development to strengthen the scientific research capacity of faculty and graduate students. To promote practical, hands-on learning with respect to planning and conducting research, six teams of Lao researchers were paired with Purdue, IU, and Cornell research mentors to undertake small research projects. The goal of this multi-year activity was to help facilitate the research process from conceptualization to proposal development, data collection, data analysis, and writing and public presentation. The US-based technical team worked with Lao partners in two research workshops (in Laos) and through extensive virtual and email exchanges to refine research topics and obtain Lao IRB approval for the research. Data collection was completed in late 2022, after which Purdue and IU mentors traveled to Vientiane (in November 2022) to work with SRG teams to support analysis. In March 2023, SRG team leaders visited the US to complete initial drafts of their research projects, which they presented in a research poster symposium at Indiana University. Posters were futher refined at presented at the annual Lao Public Health Conference in Luangprabang in November 2023.

Small Research Grants