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Students study abroad for one or two semesters at a partner institution. They earn a minimum of 12 credits by selecting courses available at the host institution. Most students earn 16-18 credits during their time abroad. All credits earned overseas will transfer back to Purdue, in most cases for credits and grades. Students should plan ahead to make sure that the courses they would like to take overseas will fit into their Purdue plan of study.

Students are required to take nine credits of international understanding courses. If a student studies abroad for a semester, the required nine credits turn into free elective credits. A student will still need to take those nine credits, but do not have to take specific international understanding classes.

Classes are taught in English; therefore students do not need to learn a foreign language (unless noted). For most cases there is not a GPA requirement to study abroad, but students should be in good academic standing so they can be successful abroad.

Even though spending a semester abroad may seem like a long time, the time goes by quickly. Students that decided to study abroad for a semester find they want to stay in the country longer.

The course equivalency book helps in figuring out what courses have been taken in the past and what they have come back as to Purdue. Students should complete the course equivalency form.

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