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Equipped with a high computational capacity, we are making fast progress on a variety of research studies.

PNAS – The number of tree species on Earth


Nature Ecology & Evolution – Co-limitation toward lower latitudes shapes global forest diversity gradients

Environmental Management – Dual Discounting in Renewable Resource Planning under Risk

Geophysical Research Letters – Mycorrhizal distributions impact global patterns of carbon and nutrient cycling

Forest Ecology and Management – Beyond trees: Mapping total aboveground biomass density in the Brazilian savanna using high-density UAV-LiDAR data

Journal of Vegetation Science – Understanding patterns and potential drivers of forest diversity in northeastern China using machine‐learning algorithms

Canadian Journal of Forest Research – Input substitution and relative input price variability in timber markets

Global Change Biology – Big Data and machine learning reveals the dynamics of forest carbon biomass in East Asia

Perspectives in Ecology and Conservation – Emerging threats linking tropical deforestation and the COVID-19 pandemic

Ecological Modelling – Estimating dynamics of central hardwood forests using random forests

Environmental Research Letters – Recent deforestation drove the spike in Amazonian fires.

Scientific Data – The importance of sharing global forest data in a world of crises

Forest Policy and Economics – FACAI published the first research to assess the impacts of US-China trade war on the U.S. hardwood industry:


Ecological Modelling – New FACAI paper focuses on estimating dynamics of central hardwood forests using machine learning:


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