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Southern Indiana PAC


 Southern Indiana Purdue Ag Center


Southern Indiana PAC aerial viewThe Southern Indiana Purdue Ag Center (SIPAC) is in the Shawnee Hills Natural Region in Dubois County. It contains a total of 1,518 acres, with 635 acres in forest.. The property is 160 miles from the West Lafayette campus of Purdue University. Address is SIPAC 11371 East Purdue Farm Road, Dubois, IN 47527.


  • Field Plantation Management
  • Forest Regeneration and Stand Management
  • Christmas Tree Management
  • Forest Weed Control
  • Biomass Generation and Management
  • Forest Inventory
  • Wildlife Habitat Management
  • Oil Compaction
  • Used in Extension Education Programs
  • Management Plan

Property manager

Don Carlson
Office: 574.772.7558
Cell: 812.798.2764