What’s the story on GMOs and labeling?

Interview with Dr. Ken Foster, Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University



New Legislation

Back when GMOs were introduced into the market in the 1990s, the federal government didn’t require a label if a food product contained an ingredient that had been genetically modified. The United States regulating agencies determined that there were no notable differences in nutrition and food safety from other foods we eat that would require special labeling.

In subsequent years, some members of the public have advocated for having more information about what their food contains. In response, in the summer of 2016 Congress passed a bill that was subsequently signed by President Obama. This legislation establishes a federal standard for labeling foods that have been made with genetically modified organisms. The bill requires food manufacturers to use one of three types of labels to inform consumers when GMO ingredients are in their products: a statement on the package, directions to a website or a phone number, or a QR code.