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Brazilian Elodea

The surface of the water. Just below the surface of the water is filled with long green plants about the thickness of a cat tail.

Other names: Brazilian Elodea, Brazilian Waterweed, Anacharis, Egeria densa

Where did it come from?

This plant was introduced from South America in 1893 into Long Island. It was sold as an aquarium plant to oxygenate aquariums and was able to escape because old aquarium water was dumped into water ways.

Why is it invasive?

Brazilian elodea forms dense mats that prevent people and animals from moving through the water. It suppresses the growth of native species and clogs pipes.

How do you prevent its spread?

Clean, drain, dry water equipment and dispose of aquarium and water garden plants properly.


Identifying and Managing Aquatic Vegetation

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Image credit: William T. Haller, University of Florida, Bugwood.org