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What can you do?

You can help the fight against invasive species by taking actions like joining your local CISMA, cleaning your outdoor equipment (land and water), and not moving firewood.

How to Report an Invasive Species

The best way to help is by reporting suspected invasive species when you see them. When you report, take a picture or take a sample and record your location.

You can send in the report through:

Examples of good times to report:

  • You think you’ve spotted one of the emerging invasive species listed on this site.
  • You’re familiar with the flora or fauna where you live and have never seen this plant/animal/insect before and can’t identify it.
  • Something is killing an otherwise healthy stand of trees or shrubs.
  • A plant is taking over an area where it doesn’t belong.

Don’t think you’ve found an invasive species but still want ID help? Try one of these resources:

Remember: A good-faith false report is better than allowing an invasive species to spread because it wasn’t reported.