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Feral Hogs

A Polaroid style photo of a feral hog. The hog is standing in a field. The hog is brown with coarse hair.

Other names: Feral hog, feral swine, wild boar, wild pigs, Sus scrofa

Where did it come from?

Feral hogs are a mix of escaped domestic pigs and wild boars imported from Europe for hunting.

Why is it invasive?

Feral hogs pose significant threats to agriculture and the environment, as their rooting damages crops, parks, and lawns. They also damage wildlife habitat. Their hair is coarse and denser than a domestic pig, their snout is flat and long, and their tails vary from straight to curled. Most are black, and males have four large tusks that are 3 to 5 inches long.


General information at the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

Ways to identify feral hog presence on your property.

Download the poster.

Seen it? Report it! Through the app, online, by email, or by phone (1-866-663-9684).

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