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Spongy Moth

Other names: Spongy Moth (Formerly Gypsy moth), Lymantria dispar

Where did it come from?

Spongy moth was imported from Europe in 1869 by a man hoping to cross them with silk moths.

What do they eat?

Spongy moth caterpillars primarily feed on oak but will move to other host plants if it runs out of oak leaves.

Why is it invasive?

Caterpillars of this moth have large, periodic outbreaks. They can eat all of the leaves on, and sometimes kill, the trees they feed on.

How do you prevent its spread?

When you travel through spongy moth infested areas or move to a new place, make sure to inspect everything kept outdoors for egg masses. Buy or cut firewood close to where you’re planning to use it. Spongy moths will lay their eggs on any surface outdoors.


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Image credit: Elizabeth Barnes