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Pete Akers Comments


Pete Akers in the Purdue Marching Band

 Pete Akers - Plant Biology major

“As a student who transferred my sophomore year, I have had the experience of being part of two very different departments. I spent my freshman year as a pre-Chemical Engineer, and as a freshman engineer I got used to being simply "another engineer" amongst the thousands of others here at Purdue. When I transferred to Botany, I noticed several differences. One great difference was the amount of personal attention from the department. Within a week of transferring, the secretaries, my advisor, many professors, and the head of the department knew me by name and expressed clear interest in how I was doing and who I was as a person. I quickly became good friends with my fellow undergraduates in the program.

The students and professors in Botany (and the College of Agriculture, for the most part) have a good sense of reality and practicality when it comes to working with people and the world in general. When I was in engineering, I noticed how a large number of the engineering students and professors tended to view the world differently than the general man. While this helps them in their work, I prefer how the people in Botany can often easily switch between working with their jobs to working with the general populace with great success. Since I have transferred, I have found the Botany department to be a great balance between education, research, and recreation, and I have never regretted my decision to change departments.

Pete Akers
Plant Biology Major